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New Year's Message from President Wang Jinsong

published: 2012-01-04 17:21:07       hits: 

Dear fellow teachers, students and friends:

Good evening! I am glad that we are once again merrily gathering together at the midnight hour at the turn of the year, sending away the old and ushering in the new. In the past year of 2011, we have worked hard on our studies and jobs, and lived such another year of our happy life that we have now got in our bumper harvest of fruitfulness, glory and good memories, and that we are now welcoming the brand new year of 2012 with joy! Here on behalf of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, I am extending the best festival greetings and sincere blessings to all our faculty, staff and fellow students, to all our retired comrades, to all our alumni at home and abroad, and to all those dear friends from different walks of life who have cared for and given support to UESTC during the course of its development. Here are my best wishes for a Happy New Year to you all!

Dear fellow teachers and students, 2011 has been an eventful year, in which the university has made tremendous achievements in all areas. We have worked out with satisfaction The Twelveth Five-Year Plans for the Strategic Development of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; we have launched on a full scale Stage-III construction of Project 985; and we have succeeded in getting an agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Provincial Government on continued and concentrated support for the construction of UESTC. In the past year, we have achieved excellent effects in expanding our disciplinary frontiers, with School of Energy Science and Engineering established and School of Natural Resources and Environmental Management to be establish soon. In the past year, we have made substantial progress in the exploration of higher engineering education: School of Information Science and Software Engineering having successfully enrolled its first batch of students, the Excellent Engineers Project launched, and our students' emplyment rate and emplyment quality still maintained at satisfactorily high levels. Our students have ranked first on the medal list at the nationalelectronic design contest for college students and have won Outstanding Winners Award at MCM/ICM. In the past year, we have taken full measures to deploy forces in scientific research for the Twelveth Five-Year Plans, having nearly 1,000 research projects launched, including 20 major projects with research funds exceeding 10 million RMB yuan each and a UESTC-led joint project whose research funds break the 100-million-yuan record for the first time in our history. Moreover, we have given reinforcement in promoting research in philosophical and social sciences, and have got our plans approved for estabhlishing Sichuan Research Center for Informationalization and Regional Development. In the past year, we have made break-through progress in building a team of top talents: Prof. Li Yanrong has been elected member of the Chinese Academy of Science, five more faculty members have been selected for the State Project of Talent 1000, another five selected for Youth Talent 1000, and three have obtained the National Funds for Excellent Young Scientists. In the past year, we have created a new open atmosphere in which to cooperate with partners at home and abroad, launching substantial cooperative projects with College of William and Mary in the USA, signing cooperative agreements with thirty-nine institutions of higher learning and research establishments from fifteen different countries and regions, enlarging the enrolments of international students and sending more students and faculty members abroad for exchange and further study. We have signed an supplementary agreement with Zhongshan Municipal governmenton joint operation of UESTC Zhongshan College, and have had negotiations with the local governments on jointly establishing Chengdu Research Institute. We have signed startegic cooperative agreements with prestigious entreprises such as Futong, Jiuzhou and Canghong. In the past year, we have done well in building our logistic service system, successfully closing a deal for the South Campus land exchange, effectively defusing our financial risks, and laying a solid foundation for our future development. And in the past year, we have reached a higher level in Party construction, deepening our campaigns for excellency, and making good use of the celebration campaigns of the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and the 55th anniversary of our university inception to build a healthier university culture and an ethically and ecologically more harmonious campus environment.

Dear fellow teachers and students, the achievements we have made in the past year could never have been possible without the care and support from all our leaders, comrades and friends, without the entrepreneurial spirit and creative efforts from all our fellow teachers, staff members and students. Here again on behalf of the university, I would like to give my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all. Thank you very much!

Dear fellow teachers and students, in the past year of 2011, we have bravely faced all the great challenges and wisely seized all the great opportunities. We have been together hand in hand as family. Our achievements have proved that, with our wisedom and power accumulated and combined, we can work wonders and make breakthroughs. Such accumulation and combination of ever-increasing wisedom and power shall push us forward in our pursuit of excellency and in our creation of a more brilliant future. Looking forward to the year of 2012, we shall continue working together, day and night, in UESTC's traditional spirit of "Always hold on to our dreams and always pursue the truth." May all of us be blessed! Thank you all!