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UESTC Holds 2012 New Year’s Evening Party

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 On the evening of December 31, 2011 wit the Chinese Year of the Rabbit going out and the Year of the Dragon coming in, the 2012 UESTC New Year’s Evening Party was held at the University Auditorium on the Qingshui River Campus. Those present at the party were President Wang Jinsong and other top UESTC top leaders including Yu Minming, Wang Houjun, Luo Jiahui, Zhu Hong, Xiong Caidong, Yang Xiaobo and Li Yanrong as well as some of the Talent 1000 and Youth Talent 1000 scholars and Young Scientist Award winners.

President Wang Jinsong delivered his New Year’s Message, extending his best festival greetings and blessings to all UESTC faculty and staff members, students, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life. He said that in the previous year the university had made tremendous achievements in all areas, especially working out with satisfaction The Twelveth Five-Year Plans for the Strategic Development of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, launching on a full scale Stage-III construction of Project 985, and successfully getting an agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Provincial Government on continued and concentrated support for the construction of the university. In the past year, he said, we had achieved excellent effects in expanding our disciplinary frontiers; we had made substantial progress in the conducting education programs; we had taken full measures to deploy forces in scientific research for the Twelveth Five-Year Plans; we had achieved breakthroughs in building a team of top talents; we had created a new open atmosphere in which to cooperate with partners at home and abroad; we had done well in building our logistic service system; and we had reached a higher level in Party construction.

The president also expressed that our achievements had proved that, with our wisedom and power accumulated and combined, we could work wonders and make breakthroughs, and that such accumulation and combination of ever-increasing wisedom and power should push us forward in our pursuit of excellency and in our creation of a more brilliant future. He finally called for continued efforts to work together despite all difficulties so as to achieve better results.

The evening party included two chapters—The Return of the Spring and The Dreams on Wings. The evening began with the symphony chorus My Motherland and Me, which well expressed our blessings to the Motherland. The recitation with music of the poem Ode to the Qingshui River sent our minds tracing through the fifty-five years of our Alma Mater’s glorious past, vividly showing UESTC's traditional spirit of "Always hold on to our dreams and always pursue the truth". The lively performance In the Joyous Classroom by little kids from the primary school attached to UESCT told us how the school children are trained to practice social niceties. Guest performers from Sichuan Normal University allowed us to explore the mysteries of the African Continent with the strong rhythms in the stage show of Let’s Beat the Drums. The acrobatic performance by Chengdu Acrobatic Troupe fully displayed the tenderness and flexibility of femininity. The Song of the Students’ Consultants by the consultant staff won warm applauses from the audience. The international students who sang traditional revelutionary songs gave the auditorium one climax after another. The evening came to a successful end with the finale chorus of Hope of Eternity.

”10, 9, 8, 7, …” The New Year came in shouts of counting down from the audience of more than 1,000 faculty and students, and we heard Happy New Year blessings from President Wang and other university leaders.

At the close of the evening party, President Wang and other university leaders stepped onto the stage to congradulate on the success of the show and had pictures taken with the performers.

In the intervals of the party, the UESTC Top 10 News Events and Top 10 Figures for the Year 2011 were revealed, with the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Province Agreement on Continued and Concentrated Support for the development of UESTC through Project 985 in its efforts to make world-class reputation and meet international high standards among the top 10 events and Prof. Li Yanrong among the top 10 figures.

The evening party was co-organized by UESTC Department of Students’ Affairs, UESTC Committee of Communist Youth League, UESTC Student Art Troupe and UESTC Student Union.

On the New Year’s Eve, the Student Activity Center Square made a sea  of joy and happiness with dozens of fun games going on—mini-bowling, dragon-gate shooting, investment pots, lantern riddles, and lyrics memory tests among others. According to rough statistics, several thousands of students took part in the turn-of-the-year festivities.