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UESTC Alumni Establish Associations in Southern California and Eastern US

published: 2012-02-04 19:45:34       hits: 

Recently, UESTC Alumnus Associations in Southern California and in Eastern United States of America were established in succession.

The Southern California Association attracts alumni from areas with with the City of San Diego and its hi-tech visinities centering around it. Mr. Yu Yue, Chief Engineer of Motorola and an alumnus from Grade 86 who majored in applied electronic technology, serves as the chairman, and Mr. Luo Xun, Senor Reseach Fellow of Qualcomm and an alumnus from Grade 95 who majored in computer science and technology, as the vice-chairman. Presently, about 70 alumni have joined the association, most of them working with such prestigious IT enterprises in Southern California as Qualcomm, Broadcom, Western Digital, Motorola Mobile, VIA Technology, and LG, and some still studying at renowned universities in the region like UCSD, UC Irvine and UC Riverside.

The UESTC Alumnus Association in Eastern United States has been initiated by Mr. Li Dawei, a senir alumnus from Grade 60. Presently, some thirtty people have registered as members, who scatter across the eastern states of North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Nebraska and New York, even extending into the northern neighboring country of Canada. Members include alumni who graduated several decades ago in the 1950s and 1960s and those who graduated in recent years. Mr. Huang Qin, a professor of State University of North Carolina and an alumni from Grade 83, who majored in semi-conductor components physics, has been elected chairman, and three other alumni have been made vice-chairmen: Mr. Xiayinglong from IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center, a Grade-99 alumnus who majored in measurement and control Technology, Mr. Zhu Qinfan from Vervue Inc., a Grade-83 alumnus who majored in signal circuit and system, and Mr. Lu Dengping from Flextronics, a Grade-87 alumnus who majored in circuit and system.

The two alumnus associations have been established  with strong support from alumni in these regions. In return, they will launch all sorts of activities that would promote contact and communication among alumni and between the Alma Mater and alumni, that would help with the alumni’s work, study and life, and that would provide a broader communication platform for UESTC alumni staying overseas.