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President Wang Jinsong Visits Ghana and Togo

published: 2011-05-16 14:28:12       hits: 


From Mar. 13 to 22, 2011, a delegation from UESTC led by president Wang Jinsong visited five universities in Ghana and Togo and signed a Memorandum of Understandings with them. The five universities are: KNUST: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Polytechnic, Koforidua Polytechnic, UDS: University for Development Studies and University of Lome.   

Leaders of these universities extended a warm welcome to the delegation and introduced the history, teaching staff, talent cultivation, teaching and laboratory equipment of their universities. They expressed their wish to cooperate with and learn from UESTC.
It's worth mentioning here is that President of Ghana Prof. Mills specially appointed the Director of the Government General Office, Prof. Hon. Alex Segbefia, and the Director of the President General Office to meet with the delegation. Government officers of Ghana said that the social stability, technology development and economic prosperity of China has set a good example for all the third-world nations. Ghana government is planning to start the Higher Education Development Plan and is in desperate need of support from Chin\ese universities like UESTC.
During the meeting, president Wang looked back on the time-honored friendship between Ghana and China, and then introduced the history, discipline features and talent-cultivation advantages of UESTC. He pointed out that as a 985 project university, UESTC is willing to support the higher education of Ghana and promote exchange between the two countries. Presidents Wang also highly praised the excellent performance of Ghana teachers from KNUST studying in UESTC, saying that they are envoys of friendship for the two universities and two countries.
Leaders of Kumasi Polytechnic and UDS will visit UESTC sometime in 2011 to further discuss cooperation programs.