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DIT Asian Relations Officer Visits School of Computer Science

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On January 13, Dr. Wu Bin, Asian Relations Officer, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, visited UESTC. Vice-president Wang Houjun, Director of International Office Di Aiying and Dean and Vice-deans of School of Computer Science and Engineering were present at the interview.

Vice-president Wang expressed warm welcome to Dr. Wu and briefed the guest on UESTC’s international cooperation endeavors. He said that “receiving guests at home” and “being guests to partners abroad” were equally important to UESTC in raising education standards, and that experience would play a part in devloping students’ vision. Therefore, he explained, the university always encouraged students to seize opportunities to study overseas and thus to broaden their visions. He also expressed his belief that launching joint educational programs and cooperative research projects with international partners were well in alighment with the university’s developmental strategies. Thus, he added, both DIT and UESTC should promote mutual respect and confidence and open up channels for extensive cooperation and development.

Dr. Wu reviewed the fruitful results achieved these years from the bilateral cooperation, saying that DIT had been engaged in collaboration with UESTC for quite some years, with School of Computer Science taking the lead all the way from 2007 when Mr. Zhou Erqiang was sent to DIT to work for his PH. D by UESTC as part of the National Graduate Students Education Program for Constructing Top-class Universities. Zhou successfully obtained his Ph. D in 2011. The two institutions have also launched faculty exchange programs. All this, he added, had become possible because of strenuous and sincere cooperative efforts by both parties. Dr. Wu hoped that cooperation could be further strengthened on such a well-founded basis and that more possibilities for future cooperation could be explored on a larger and more adaptable scale, producing better and more effective results. He sincerely invited UESTC Art Troupe to visit and perform at DIT..

Mr. Qin Zhiguang, Dean of School of Computer Science, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Wu for his support. The School of Computer Science and Engineering, Qin said, had always laid great emphasis on international cooperation and encouraged faculty and students to get involved through a series of overseas outgoing programs as well as incoming programs hosting scholars and students from abroad. With the help of Dr. Wu, six students had so far been sent to DIT for doctorial studies since 2007. Qin hoped that more channels of cooperation would be opened up in the future to meet the needs of undergraduate internship, cultural exchange and joint education.