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Zhou Erqiang Obtains Ph. D through CSC Program

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On October 15, 2011, Zhou Erqiang from UESTC obtained his Ph. D degree in computer science at Dublin Institute of Technology, the first UESTC student to do so through the National Graduate Students Education Program for Constructing Top-class Universities since 2007 when the program was launched by China Scholarship Council (CSC).

The CSC-sponsored National Graduate Students Education Program for Constructing Top-class Universities aims to help create a reservoir of talented human resources for the best universities in China so that they can develop into world-class institutions of higher learning. On hearing the news about the CSC program, Dr. Wu came to Chengdu and his contact with Qin soon resulted in a DIT-UESTC joint doctorial program. With recommendations from UESTC School of Computer Science and Engineering, Mr. Zhou Erqiang received scholarships from both CSC and DIT and went to DIT in September 2007 for his Ph. D degree under the tutorship of Dr. Wu himself. After four years of hard work, Zhou successfully completed his doctorial study at DIT.

Working as a Ph. D candidate in the DIT Computer School Knowledge Engineering Laboratory team led by Dr. Wu, Zhou Erqiang was engaged in research concerning management of complicated information and natural language query. Under Wu's meticulous guidance, Zhou, together with Wu, devised a new mechanism and method for knowledge stream based module processing and natural laguage querying, adding to the accumulated research fruits of the laboratory. The presentation of their collaborated paper delivered at IADIS 2011 was well received by the conference's organizing committee and won the Best Quantitative Research Paper Award. Meanwhile, inspired by the Chinese language and supported by philosophical insights, they proposed an entirely new computational model for natural language querying, and through this model they theoretically and practically put forward a series of methods for querying information with natural language, greatly promoting the research and development in this area. Their strenuous and persistent efforts yielded satisfying results and had quite a number of academic papers published. Finally, after four years of hard work, Zhou Erqiang presented his doctorial disertation "Querying Recorded Information with Natural Language" to the thesis defence committee, who all thought highly of his work, and was found successfully defended.

Dr. Zhou drew attention from the Irish local media. Ireland Chinese News carried full reports about Zhou's achievements. Zhou was personally interviewed by journalists from Xinhua News Agency Dublin Branch. Five other master students were sent one after another to DIT for doctorial studies after Zhou.

(By curtesy of Ireland Chinese News)