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IBM Sends Delegation to UESTC

published: 2012-03-11 13:25:18       hits: 


On March 7, Ms. Zheng Miaoqin, IBM fellow, and Prof. Roger Norton of Marist College, USA, came to visit UESTC with a delegation, and were interviewed by Vice-president Wang Houjun. A friendly talk was held on strengthening cooperative ties between both sides.


On behalf of the university, Vice-president Wang extended warm welcome to the delegation and expressed gratitude to IBM for its long-term help and support for UESTC. He spoke of the close bilateral tie as exemplary for establishing relationship between a university and an industrial enterprise and as very promotive to the development of both the university and the enterprise. To keep up with the rapid development of the IT industry, the university must maintain close cooperative ties with high-end enterprises so as to produce enough qualified personnel, especially those expert in mainframe systems, to meet the needs of national economic and social development. Wang hoped that both sides would take steps to intensify and expand cooperation in the future. He also talked about internationalization and disciplinary expassion in UESTC’s strategic development.

IBM fellow Zheng Miaoqin and General Manager Wang Hao of IBM China University Relations, both expressed that on the basis of the long-term IBM-UESTC traditional tie and their current cooperation in education and research, they wished to see a nationwide best-known brand name in the jointly created education program of Mainframe Technolohy.

Prof. Roger Norton made a brief introduction to Marist College and its cooperation with IBM. He said that Marist College was equipped with the most advanced computer systems in the world, and that as early as in 1998 IBM had donated to the college two mainframe systems each worth tens of millions of US dollars.

Also present at the interview were Director of IBM Worldwide Research Institute of Mainframe Technology and top engineer Fu Yuqin and officials from IBM China Development Center, IBM Public Relations and IBM University Relations as well as officials from UESTC School of Software Engineering and International Office.