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Two BUTTON Winners Are Given Honorary Professorship by UESTC

published: 2011-05-16 14:30:12       hits: 


At the invitation of Prof. Liu Shenggang (the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) on Mar. 18th, Prof. Zhu Guorui and Prof. Neville C.Luhmann, winners of K.J.BUTTON Prize (the highest prize in the field of electromagnetic spectrum), visited UESTC and were given honorary professorship. Secretary of the Party of UESTC, Wang Zhiqiang, issued letters of appointment and school badges.

Prof. Zhu Guorui and Prof. Neville C.Luhmann are both world-eminent physicists and have made remarkable achievements in their research and won BUTTON Prize. Prof. Zhu Guorui visited UESTC thirty years ago and established deep friendship with scholars here, including academician Liu Zhenggang. Prof. Neville C.Luhmann provides assistance for Chinese students studying in America and has guided many outstanding Chinese students studying abroad.    
Secretary Wang Zhiqiang extended appreciation to the two scholars for their long-lasting care and support to UESTC.
Prof. Zhu Guorui and Prof. Neville C.Luhmann said they were honored to be honorary professors of UESTC.
After the appointment ceremony, Prof. Zhu Guorui and Prof. Neville C.Luhmann gave academic reports for teachers and students in UESTC.