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UESTC Wins Second-class National Science and Technology Progress Award

published: 2012-03-23 13:46:55       hits: 

On the morning of February 14, the CCP Central Committee and the State Council held a solemn ceremony in Beijing to confer National Science and Technology Progress Awards. A UESTC research team led by Prof. Chen Leiting won the 2011 National Science and Technology Progress Award Second-class for their research project “Research and Application of Critical technology in digital-oriented medical imaging”. On the afternoon of Februray 15, Chen returned from Beijing to Chengdu. Prof. Deng Jianglong, Director of the Office for Scientific Research, met Prof. Chen at the airport, and extended congratulations to him on behalf of the university.

According to reports, jointly launched by UESTC and Chengdu Gold Disc-UESTC Multimedia Technology Corporation, this research project has successfully been commercialized, receiving an output value of several billion RMB yuan. After a successful trial production in Shenzhen, it has now been adopted throughout the Province of Guangdong.

Prof. Chen expressed his gratitude to the university leadership and departments concerned for their encouragement and support, to the elder generation of computer scientists for the good foundation they had laid, and to all the team members for their hard work. He said that now the country placed more emphasis and put greater investment on scientific development, and encouraged scientific redsearchers to keep closer contacts with the industry. Scientific researchers would have more opportunities and more space to exhinit their talents. He said that he and his team would continue working strenuously in their research field, strengthening ties with relasted industries, and striving with more creativity to build China into a nation of innovation.