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UOG Senior Vice-principal Nolan Visits UESTC

published: 2012-03-31 13:42:57       hits: 

On March 24, Prof. Andrea Nolan, Senior Vice-principal and Deputy Vice-chancellor of University of Glasgow, UK, paid a visit to UESTC with a delegation. UESTC Vice-president Wang Houjun received the guests. Both sides exchanged views on joint education programs.

Wang Houjun said that UESTC was eager to hold joint education programs with such an internationally renowned university as University of Glasgow, and that, after exchanging visits, holding talks, conducting on-the-spot investigations, he was glad to see consensus reached between the two universities on the possibilities of having joint education programs. He was satisfied that both universities were able to join their strengths and seize the opportunity to launch a joint prgram first at the undergraduate level against the macro background of globalization of education and China's educational reform efforts to integrate its education into this world trend. He also expresseed his confidence that with such high prestige in their respective countries, the two universities would succeed in creating a brand name for their joint venture.

Nolan said that her university also placed great importance on educational cooperation with UESTC, the presently undergoing programs were just a beginning in the bilateral collaboration, and our joint venture would soon be expanded to wider scopes and deepened to newer levels. The two universities, she added, were both research-oriented with emphasis on engineering, and therefore we had a lot to learn from each other and should share each other's experience in education and research. She was confident that through combined efforts, a close, mutually beneficial academic partnership would be established between our two sides.

Prof. Cooper, UOG's Dean of Graduate Studies, siad that as the two universities shared similarities in academic focuses, he was confident in the success of the bilateral cooperation and in the establishment of a partnership on a broader scope and deeper level, and that with such a partnership, the two universities would be able to help each other increase international influence.

Both sides also exchanged views on university development streategies. The British guests were later on shown around UESTC's Qingshui River Campus.