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Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang Holds Talk with Group T Faculty and Students

published: 2012-05-08 20:36:00       hits: 

On the morning of April 1, a delegation of some fifty teachers and students from Group-T (United Engineering University of Leuven) came to UESTC's Qingshui River Campus, where they had a friendly talk with UESTC Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang, Vice-president Wang Houjun and officials from the university's Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and School of Information and Software Engineering.

Wang Zhiqiang gave the Belgian guests a warm welcome and a detailed introduction to the history of Chengdu and that of UESTC. He also talked about UESTC's cooperation with European counterparts, and especially mentioned his visit to Belgium last year with a delegation, saying that he was very much impressed with Group-T's education concepts, the engineering training programs it provides for the students and its close ties with industrial enterprises.

During the talk, the Belgian students showed great interest in China and in UESTC, asking a lot of questions about them, from macro questions such as, "With such rapid economic development and increasingly powerful international influence, what would China look like 10 years from now?" "How would China help Europe overcome its current financial crisis?" "What is China's policy concerning the global climatic change, and what measures does China take for effective energy-saving and emission reduction?" to micro questions like, "What are UESTC's 10-year plans for development? What targets does UESTC hold for its future?" "Is there a student council at UESTC? And How does it work?" "What does the university do to encourage students to participate in scientific research?" "What can be done to make it easier to learn Chinese and to enhance exchange across languages and cultures?" to each of the questions they asked, Secretary Wang patiently gave his answer. He pointed out, after more than 30 years of reforms and opening up to the outside world, China has undergone a tremendous economic growth, which in turn has greatly improved its people's living standards and noticeably raised its overall national strength, and as a result, China has been playing a more and more important role in the international arena. However, China still finds itself far behind the world's most developed nations in various areas such as economic structure, scientific innovation, overall living standards and so on. More efforts still need to be made by all social sectors including institutions of higher education to promote the nation's development. Finally, he added emphatically, UESTC has put internationalization among its central developmental strategies, hoping to establish closer ties with the world's top-class universities through frequent international exchange and to intensify cooperation with universities, research institutions and industrial enterprises all over the world on the basis of better mutual understanding and greater mutual benefits, contributing as much as we can to the future prosperity of China and the whole world.

After the meeting, the Group-T delegation were shown around the Qingshui River Campus by student volunteers from School of Information and Software Engineering. Sporting and entertainment events were arranged afterwards.