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W&M Prof. C. K. Li Visits UESTC

published: 2012-05-08 21:14:00       hits: 



On March 29, Pro. C. K. Li from William and Mary College, USA, a sister of our university, came to visit UESTC and gave a lecture at School of Mathematical Science on "Preserver Problems in Quantum Information Science".

Starting from classical theories on preserving problems, Prof. Li guided the audience to a mathematical definition of the subject matter. On the other hand, he explained in plain language the basic ideas concerning quantum physics and the mathematical model for practical physical calculations. He cited quite a number of influential research achievements in this area. Meanwhile, he made good use of some seemingly minor issues to interact with his audience and provided the faculty and students present with frontier issues in this area.

The lecture ended in a question and answer session, in which Prof. Li responded with clarifications and analyses.

As reported, Prof. C. K. Li discussed with School of Mathematical Science on academic cooperation and student exchange during his visit. He will also give two lectures to students of mathematical basic science.