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UESTC International Students on Chinese Bridge Competition

published: 2012-05-17 19:35:39       hits: 


On May 10, the Chinese Bridge Competition (Chengdu Division), a Chinese-speaking contest for international students in China, was held at Southwest University for Nationalities. Six students from UESTC participated in the competition, featuring with candidates from other universities an exotic display of Chinese culture on the stage.

A total number of 29 foreign students took part in the contest in Chengdu, representing different universities in the region which include Guizhou University, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Southwest University for Nationalities and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Each candidate went through a written test as well as an interview, the latter of which consisted of three sesseions of self-introduction, artistic presentation and Q & A with the judges.

Although UESTC started its Chinese language program for international students later than many other universities, it managed to send an excellent team of contestants and a forty-member cheering squad to the competition. The six UESTC contestants were Li Anwen from Ghana, Guo Jingwen from Poland, Su Lei from Cambodia, Gao Xiang from the USA, Saleem from Pakistan and Luo Zhu from Bangladesh.







The six candidates had learned Chinese no longer than two years. Yet they all did well on the contest. The African boy Li Anwen spoke Chinese with quite a style; the beautiful girl from Europe Guo Jingwen sounded as if she were a Sichuan sister, spicy and fiery just like the hot pot when she spoke the Sichuan dialect; Su Lei, quiet and gentle, dressed in a cheongsam, gave the audience an illusion of a girl from Suzhou when she sang The Lotus Pool By Moonlight; Gao Xiang, in Californian costumes, even produced a touch of nostalgia as he sang In Springtime, holding a guitar; the handsome and good-mannered Saleem spoke in a pleasant Pakistani voice; and Luo Zhu surprised the audience by presenting a cross-talk show from Master Ma Sanli's repertoire—Dou Ni Wan (Just For Joking), gaining cheers and applauses.

It has been the second time for UESTC international students to participate in the Chinese Bridge Competition, according to reports.