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Chung Ling High School Delegation Visits UESTC

published: 2012-05-31 19:00:13       hits: 

On May 28, Principal Tsai Yao-Tsu of Chung Ling High School, Penang, Malaysia, led a delegation of school council members to visit UESTC. Vice-president Wang Houjun received the guests. The delegation came for an on-the-spot investigation to obtain overall information on the university and to seek opportunity for cooperation by encouragtng their best students to apply for higher education at UESTC.


Wang Houjun explained UESTC's notions on education and talked about students' academic arrangements, life on campus and employment situation on graduation. He also told thew guests about achievements the university had made in environmental reconstruction on the campus, disciplinary construction, scientific research, international exchange and campus culture building, putting special emphasis on student-centered educational concept adopted by UESTC as its fundamental principle.

Officials from the Enrollment Department of the Educational Administration Office illustrated UESTC's unique academic features, core curriculum, advanced scientific research platform, multiple international exchange channels, colorful campus life, special program features and remarkable market-oriented employment mechanisms, all supported by the latest statistics. Meanwhile, they showed enthusiastic encouragement for Chung Ling students to apply for higher education at UESTC.

Mr. Tsai Yao-Tsu expressed his gratitudes to the hosts for their warm hospitality and his admiration for theuniversity's beautiful campus, strong faculties and remarkable eductational achievements, hoping to establish a solid bilateral cooperational tie and to create opportunities for their students to study at UESTC. He consulted the university leadership and heads of departments concerned for detailed information on the application procedures and other related issues.

After the interview, the Malaysian high school delegation paid visits to the University Library, Laboratory for Basic Research, Engineering Training Center, sports facilities, student canteens and dormitory buildings.

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ChungLing High School:

Full Official Name in English: Penang SMJK Chung Ling High School

Short Name in Chinese: 钟灵国中(Chung Ling Kuo Chung)

Established in 1917, Chung Ling High School is a school which conducts classroom teaching mainly in Chinese with some sujects taught in English or in both languages. It is one of the places where early Chinese settlers spread Chinese social and political ideology in Malaysia. In World War II, the school made tremendous contributions to and great sacrifices for Chinese people's resistance to Japanese invasion of China. In the past century, Chung Ling High School has developed into a most influential educational establishment in Malaysia and its outstanding alumni are found all across the world.