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UESTC International Students Participate in the 4th Chinese Bridge Competition

published: 2011-05-27 16:51:30       hits: 


On May 17, three UESTC international students, known in their Chinese names as Hui Guangming, Chu Jinglin and Chen Jun, all from Cambodia, took part in the 4th Chinese Bridge Competition (Sichuan Division) for international students studying in China, held at Sichuan University.

The competition, co-organized by CCTV, the Office of Chinese Language Council International and Confucius Institute Headquarters, is the highest-level competition to test international students’ Chinese language proficiency.

22 intotal, the contestants at the Sichuan Division were from different universities in the province. They came to China from different countries. Most of them had been learning Chinese in China for a number of years and had been going along very well with their study. In contrast, the three candidates from UESTC had studied Chinese for only half a year. Nevertheless, they all did excellently at the contest. Among them, Hui Mingguang performed the best and passed the writing session. The three of them sang the Chinese song “A Fairy Tale” in chorus, and their voices were so touching that they won cheers and applauses from the judges and the whole audience, bringing the auditorium to a small climax.

Although they did not enter the final session in Beijing, our candidates really gave a full display of their potentials. Meanwhile, they did get that rare chance to exchange experiences with and learn from their counterparts from other universities. After the contest, they all expressed their determination to make continued efforts and to bring honor to UESTC in future contests.