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National Postgraduate Summer School of Electronic Science and Technology Began

published: 2011-05-12 15:55:23       hits: 

In the morning of July 26th, national postgraduate summer school of electronic science and technology, which was hosted by education department, national natural science foundation committee and undertook by UESTC, began in international conference center.

\On behalf of the school, Vice-president Xiong Caidong welcomed the postgraduates from the sister universities. He said, because of entrust of the education department and national natural foundation committee, UESTC undertook the summer school of related subjects every year. Intelligent robots play a very important role in many fields of national economy such as industry, military and medical treatment. UESTC pays more attention to the development of intelligent robot technology. He hoped that the students could have a better use of the summer school and discuss the research of intelligent robotics together.

Professor Sun Fuchun of Tsing hua University gave a speech on behalf of the teachers. He said, the development level of intelligent robots is an important standard to measure the integrated technological level of a country. Our country pays attention to the development of intelligent robotic technology which is an important research field of the 12th five-year plan and national middle or long-term technology development plan.

The student delegate was Yu Yue, PhD of Tsing hua University. He said, thanks for the opportunity given by the education department, national natural foundation committee and UESTC and he would listen to the class carefully and study hard.

The summer school also invited researchers of research institute and home-abroad famous university professors of England, Italy, Singapore and China to give classes, frontier lecture about related subjects, and to introduce academic development trends and the newest research achievements of the intelligent robot technology field.

It is said that this summer school attracted more than 80 students from more than 20 universities such as Tsing hua University, Ha'Erbin Industry University, Nankai University, National University of Defense Technology, Huazhong University of Technology and Science, University of Science and Technology of China.

Postgraduate summer school is an important part of the education department's creative plan for the postgraduate education. The school plays an important part and has got great achievements in making use of high quality resources of postgraduates'education, improving postgraduate training quality, promoting communication and cooperation of postgraduate education and training fundamental science talents with high quality.