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The 5th National College Intelligent Car Race Western Region Contests Ended in U

published: 2011-05-12 16:03:27       hits: 


From July 26th to 27th, the 5th National College Intelligent Car Race western region contests were held in our school. After fierce competition, the teams of our school got three first prizes in photoelectric group, camera group and electromagnetic group.
In the opening ceremony, vice-president Zhuhong, on behalf of UESTC, welcomed the teachers and students of the sister universities to come to our school. He said, after 50 years'development, our school has become one covering the whole electronic subjects and putting the electronic information technology as the core. Our school has become a multi-subjects research university, the main of which are engineering courses. Science courses and engineering courses coincide with each other, and science, engineering, management, art develop coordinately. Our school puts the task to train uncreative talents with solid foundation knowledge, strong professional ability, high comprehensive quality, international views as the fundamental task, encourages and supports the students to take part in kinds of contests. Zhu hong also said UESTC would do the job of service and hoped all the teams would have excellent performance.

In the final contest held on July 27th, the Speed team, UESTC Flying team, SPYKER team got the first of photoelectric group, camera group and electromagnetic group respectively. Finally, 32 teams of western contest region got 1st place, entering the national final contest.


It is reported that the scale of western contest region of this time is the largest, and more than 210 teams form 46 universities of Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunan and Chongqing. The former 4 contests contained photoelectric and camera groups but this time, electromagnetic group was added. For the contest of this time, there were such 5 contest regions as Northeast, Northern China, Eastern China, Southern China and Western China and the final competition was held in Hangzhou.

The Freescale Cup National College Intelligent Car Race is a kind of creative competition with the categories of car automotive electro, covering controlling, pattern recognition, sensing technology, electronic, electric, computer, and lastly machinery. And this contest is held by the Education Department High University Automation Teaching Guide Branch Committee and co-held by FreeScale Semiconductor Company. Now, this contest, which can promote the integrated engineering capability, creative spirit, practical ability and team spirit of the students, has become one of the large and professional contests of Education Department facing national college students.