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Science and Technology R&D Institute of UESTC is Established

published: 2013-03-04 10:23:00       hits: 

On the afternoon of March, 1, the inauguration ceremony of Science and Technology Research & Development Institute (R&D Institute for short) is held in Main Building, Qingshuihe Campus. Party Secretary Wang Zhiqiang and vice president Yang Xiaobo unveil for its establishment together.


After cautious thought, it is decided to set up a science and technology R&D Institute, replacing the former Scientific and Technological Department. It subordinates several organizations, including Office of Overall Planning and Achievements, Office of National Defense Technology, Office of Hi-tech, Office of Basic Research and International Cooperation and Office of Social Science and Technology. Yang Xiaobo is appointed as director of R&D Institution (concurrent post), Deng Longjiang as the executive vice-president, Zeng Lei, Jin Yulan and Zhao Jidong as vice president.

Wang Zhiqiang, on behalf of the university party committee and administration, conveys his congratulations to the inauguration and the newly-appointed colleagues. He also extends sincere greetings and best wishes to those colleagues devoted to scientific and technological development, crediting their accomplishment in 2012. He hopes that they, with stronger responsibility, stronger sense of urgency, would be open-minded and continue to contribute to its development, pushing it to a new high.

Yang Xiaobo addresses that the establishment of R&D Institute acknowledges the achievement we have made in the field of science and technology, also the academic development, talent cultivation. Furthermore, it requires more to our scientific workers. He said we should fully make the advantage of tertiary administrative system and strive forward to enter a new phase.

--Translated by Yang Rongxin