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published: 2013-03-14 15:02:00       hits: 

On March 12, Ted C. Fishman, the freelancer of New York Times, pays a special visit to UESTC and conducts an in-depth interview to students' innovative work and start-ups. Ted Fishman had taken an interview to Chengdu last year, during which he was deeply impressed by the talent training in the field of scientific and technological industry implemented by UESTC.



In the Innovation& Start-up Center, Yang Ming makes an overall introduction to the guest, from the expansion of its operating mode to the incubation of entrepreneurial team project. Yang also systematically outlines the university's great support to the entrepreneurial teams in terms of place, fund and policy inquiry.  Afterwards, Ted interviews the founders of two successfully registered companies----Fruit Bus and Meter Technology----to have an insight into their orientation and characteristics. Furthermore, Ted communicates with relevant persons to understand Center's development characteristics, team operation and "Angle" investment.

After communication, accompanied by representatives from Chengdu Municipal Government Information Office and Party Committee Publicity Department of UESTC, Ted has visited some innovation& start-up workshops, giving credit to their prominent results and expressing his admirations to the young for their courage and persistent efforts. Then, he also visits the labs of School of Computer Science and Technology and gets a picture of the curriculum design and the cooperation with conglomerates like IBM, INTEL, etc..



Ted C. Fishman: writer, freelancer of New York Times, covers following topics: economic trend, economy and business development in China, financial market, art, cuisine and technology. Moreover, he is an eloquent speaker, focusing on the influence of Chinese economy on USA.

His published books are: China, Inc.: How the Rise of the Next Superpower Challenges America and the World, Shock of Gray.

----Translated by Yang Rongxin