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Honorary Prof. Weng Cho Chew Was Elected NAE Member

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In February, 2013, America's National Academy of Engineering (NAE) announced the 69 newly-appointed members. Due to his outstanding contribution to large-scale computational electromagnetics of complex structures, professor Weng Cho Chew from University of Illinois, concurrently honorary professor of UESTC, made the list.


Professor Weng Cho Chew is the master of Electrical Information Engineering Innovation &Exchange Base (Plan of 111) of our school, having greatly contributed to computational electromagnetics and its application and pushing forward our academic exchanges and cooperation. With deep passion is education, he established "Weng Cho Chew Fund" in our university, with an aim to reward the excellent young teachers and students who have achieved accomplishments in education or study.

In recent years, we have, with his guide and help, successfully launched international symposiums on modeling and simulation of electromagnetic theory which have attracted many renowned western scholars, offering us a chance to earn a higher reputation and expand our international influence. Furthermore, Summer School of China-HK graduate students was successfully initialized with his advocate in 2012.


Curriculum Vitae of Weng Cho Chew

Prof. W.C Chew is Dr. of Electrical Engineering graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is endeavored to post-doctoral study. He has successively served as professor, department manager, founder professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Schlumberger - Doyle Research Center, UIUC Department of electronic and computer engineering, UIUC computational electromagnetics and electromagnetic laboratory center, UIUC School of Engineering and Engineering College of University of Hong Kong, as well as the dean of Engineering College of University of Hong Kong.

Working experiences:

1.Editor of JEMWA/PIER journals, subeditor of ElectromagneticsMicrowave Optical Technology Letters, 2.fellow member of IEEE, OSA, IOP, Electromagnetics Academy and HKIE

3. Visiting professor of (NTU)Cheng Tsang Man, the USA Computational Scientific Air Force Research Lab, IBM, MIT, National University of Singapore, Division of Applied Mathematics of Brown University , Ecole Superieure d'Electricite in France

4. Concurrent professor of Electromagnetic branch, Zhejiang Univerity

5. Board member of Hong Kong Applied Institute of Science and Technology

6. IEEE distinguished lecturer

Research areas:

Computational electromagnetics, electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering, underground investigation, integrated circuit, microstrip antenna, waveguide analysis.

He has initialized fast algorithm in electromagnetic scattering and inverse scattering, realized fast algorithm in mass electromagnetic scattering of large scale for the time. His numerical mode matching has been widely applied in petroleum exploration and development..

Till now, prof. Chew has published 300 odd articles and over 420 meeting papers, and co-authorized 8 American patents.

Monograph book: Waves and Fields in Inhomogeneous Media

Joint publication: Fast and Efficient Algorithm in Computational Electromagnetics, Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and Elastic Waves


NSF Presidential Young Investigator in 1996,

Founder Professor of UIUC School of Engineering in 1999,

IEEE Graduate Teaching Award and Campus Wide Professional and Graduate Teachingof UIUC in 2000,

IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Schelkunoff Prize paper Award and Campus Wide Excellence in Professional and Graduate Teaching Award at the University of Illinoisin 2001,

IBM Faculty Awardsin 2006 and 2007,

IEEE Distinguished Lecturerfrom 2005 to 2007,

Chen-To Tai Distinguished Educator Awardin 2008.


---Translated by Yang Rongxin