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ELEC:wan-an xiong

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name : wan-an xiong Gender: male phone: 18980802389
email: office-address:   Qingshuihe Campus:Research Building A 424
major:  Signal and Information Process
research interst Information Security and Adaptive Signal Process
Biography  From September,1981 to July,1985. I studied in the Department of Radio Technology, Chengdu Institute of Radio Engineering. I got the bacheler degree in July,1985;From September,1985 to July,1988. I worked as an assistant professor in physics Department, Si Chuan Normal University;From September,1988 to March,1991.I studied in Department of Electronic Enginerring, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and I got the master degree in April,1991. From April,1991 to July,1997, I worked as an engineer in the thirtieth institute of Electronic industry ministry. From August,1997 to June,1998. I worked in Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. From July,1998 to now, I worked as a teacher in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. I am now an associate professor in school of Electronic Engineering of UESTC. 
Teaching Schedule 1)I'm going to teach "conspectus of information security" for undergradute student;2)I will teach "Electronic technology synthesis experiment" for  undergraduate student. 3) Now I'm interested in information security and adaptive signal process. I will write papers on these directions.
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 1)paper" A Secure and Highly Efficient Key Management Scheme for MANET" is publicated in Journal "Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences 2011.03"; 2)paper"Identity-based and secret share ECC key management scheme for MANET" is publicated in "NISS2010 - 4th International Conference on New Trends in Information Science and Service Science"; 3)paper "The overview of secure authentication mechanism on Ad Hoc network nodes." is publicated on "Computer Engineering and Application",2008.05. 4)papper "The overview of key managemen schems on ad hoc networks" is published in "Science and Technology Innovation Herald" 2010.02
Books Information countermeasured "Information security in information times" is published by the press of UESTC.2007.02press