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SE:Yunbo Rao

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name : Yunbo Rao Gender: man phone: 15908177003
email: office-address: Rom 414, Main building(middle), No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road, 610054 (Shahe Campus:)
major: computer application
research interst Video & Image Processing
Video Content Analysis, Pattern Recognition
Video Coding & Compression
Video Streaming & Networking
Graphics, Crowd animation
Video enhancement
Biography Yunbo Rao received his B.S. degree and M.E. degree from Sichuan Normal University and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2003 and 2006, respectively, and Ph.D. degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Chengdu in 2012, both in School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE). His Ph.D advisor is Prof. LeiTing Chen. He has been as a visiting scholar of Electrical Engineering of the University of Washington from Oct 2009 to Oct 2011, Seattle, USA. and his supervisor is Prof.Mingting Sun. His research interests include video enhancement, computer vision, and crowd animation. He also worked as research interns at Neusoft Inc.,and Fushitong Inc.during 2003-2009, respectively.
Since May.2012,he joined School of Information and Software Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Currently, he is an associate professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.  
Teaching Schedule Undergraduate Courses: 
CS310 Computer network (English class), 2007-2008
SE340 Digital Image Processing (English class), 2012-Now
Graduate Courses:
Digital Image Processing (Chinese class), 2013-Now
Computer network (English class), 2012-Now
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Books Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition) ,Prentice Hall, Author: Rafael C. Gonzalez  Richard E. Woods