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SE:Yongbin Yu

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name : Yongbin Yu Gender: Male phone: 13908213984
email: office-address: Room A2-522, Research Building
major: Circuits and Systems
research interst memristor-based neural network, impulsive control and stability analysis
Biography Yongbin Yu received the Ph.D. degree, M.S. degree in circuits and systems from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2008 and 2004 respectively. During 2013-2014, he has joined the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA, as a visiting scholar. Currently, he is an associate professor with the School of Information and Software Engineering, UESTC. He has served as the advanced evaluator of information classified security at the MPS Information Classified Security Protection Evaluation Center, and worked for three years in industrial R&D companies including the Dongfang Steam Turbine Ltd. and Chengdu Ruida Technology Co.. He has published over 30 technical papers and 2 books. 
Teaching Schedule  Undergraduate course: The basis of electronic circuit. Graduate course: Information systems analysis and design
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS [1] Yongbin Yu, Fengli Zhang, Qishui Zhong, Xiaofeng Liao, Juebang Yu. Impulsive Control of Lurie Systems. Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2008, 56(11):2806-2813
[2] Yongbin Yu, Jingfu Bao, Hongbin Zhang, Qishui Zhong, Xiaofeng Liao, Juebang Yu.Impulsive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Time-varying Delays. Chinese Physics B. 2008,17(07):2377-2387
[3] Yongbin Yu, Qishui Zhong, Xiaofeng Liao, Juebang Yu. Exponential Stability of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with Impulsive Effects and Time Delays. Chinese Physics B. 2008, 17(03):842-846
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Books [1] Nyima Trashi, Yongbin Yu, etc.  Strategy Research on Tibet software and Information Technology Service, Science Press, Beijing, China, May 2012, ISBN:9787030355928, 141 pages, prices: RMB 80
[2] Xuliang Zhang, Jingfu Bao, Yali Zhang, Yongbin Yu. Advanced Signal Integrity for High-Speed Digital Designs. Translated Chapter 11, 12,  Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2011, ISBN:9787121126741, 427pages, prices: RMB 49