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SE:Zhang Fengli

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name :  Zhang  Fengli Gender:  Famale phone:  028-61830360, 13308039351
email: office-address: Main Building B1-603, QingShui Campus 
major:  Computer Science and Technology
research interst  mobile data management and application,  network security
Biography  Dr. Zhang received her from the University Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2007, M.S. degree in 1986. She joined the DataBase System and Mobile Computing (DBMC) Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, during 2000-2002 as a visiting scholar. She has published more than sixty papers and translated or edited 5 books as a partaker. In 1986, She joined UESTC as a teacher
Teaching Schedule Courses "Database Technique" for foreign graduate student from 2012---now ;  Courses "New Database technology" for chinese graduate student from 2002--now;  courses "Spatial information database" for Chinese under-graduate student from 2006--now. 
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 1)Fengli Zhang,etc.,An Effective Feature Selection Approach for Network Intrusion Detection ,The 2013 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storages,July 17-19, 2013, Xi’an, China
2)Feng-Li Zhang, etc.: Detecting Malicious Users in P2P Streaming Systems by Using Feedback Correlations, Computer Networks & Communications (NetCom), Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume 131, 2013, pp 467-476
3)Fengli zhang, etc.: Efficient Revocable Key-policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Full Security, The 8th International conference on Computational Intelligence and security (CIS 2012), IEEE, 2012.11: 477-481
4) Fengli Zhang, etc.,  An Algorithm Based on ITCM-KNN for Denial of Service Detection, Journal of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,  2014.1  
Books [1] Stephane Jaffard, Yves Meyer, Robert D.Ryan. Internet Directory, National Defence Industry Press, Beijing, China, May 1995, ISBN:978711804363/7118043567, 269 pages, prices: RMB 35
[2] Zhang, Fengli, etc. Database technology and its applicaiton . Qinghua University Press, Beijing, Jan. 2012
[3] Zhang, Fengli, etc.  Application of ORAQCLE 11g, Post & telecom press  Beijing, Sep. 2012
[4] Qin, Zhiguan, Zhang, Fengli, etc.  The principle of computer virus and Prevention, Post & telecom press  Beijing,  2007
[5] Niu xinzheng, Zhang, Fengli,etc.  Spatial information Database, Post & telecom press  Beijing,  2014
[6] Qin, Zhiguan, Zhang, Fengli, etc.  The principle of computer virus and Prevention Technology, Science press,  Beijing, Jun. 2012