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SE:Ting Zhong

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name : Ting Zhong Gender: female phone: 13880088830
email: zhongting<> office-address: Room 414,building of School of Information and Software Engineering, Shahe Campus
major: Computer Science and Technology
research interst Network security. Security issues in Cloud Computing, Intelligent Transportation
Biography 2003.07-till now, teacher at UESTC
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Ting Zhong, Xiaojuao Liao, similarity-based Hierarchical Structured Trust and Reputation Model in Peer-to-Peer Networks,2010 international conference on communications, Circuits and Systems Proceedings, 30 Jul 2010.
Zhong Ting. Geng Jizhao An Efficient Authenticated Data Structure for Dynamic Data Set Based on B+ Tree. ICCCSA 2012, 2012/8/20.
Zhong Ting, Xu Bo, Wolfson Ouri. Disseminating real-time traffic information in vehicular ad-hoc networks. Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2008 IEEE (IV 2008), 2008: 1056-1061.
Zhong Ting, Xu Bo, Piotr Szczurek, Wolfson Ouri. Trafficinfo: An algorithm for VANET dissemination of real-time traffic information. The World Congress, in conjunction with ITS America's 2008 Annual Meeting, Nov 16-20, 2008.
Books Nework and system defense technology, Zhijie Zhou, Chen Wei, Zhong Ting