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CS: CAI Shimin

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name : CAI Shimin Sex: Male phone: 18328450991
email: office-address: Main Building B1-205
PH.D  Supervisor: NO Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Computer software and theory 
research interst: Computer network and communication; network and system security; cloud computing and big data processing
Biography: Dr cai have published more than 50 SCI/EI papers and participated in 10 projects of NSFC
Education experience: 2004/09-2009/07, Uinveristy of Science and Technology of China, Ph.D., Major: Circuit and System         2000/09-2004/07, Hefei University of Technology, Bachlor, Major:Electrical Engineering and Automation
Selected Publications: 1. Z. D, Zhao, Y. C. Gao, S. M. Cai*, T. Zhou, “Dynamics patterns of academic forum activities”, Physica A 461, 117 (2016); 2. Z. D. Zhao, S.-M. Cai*, Y. Lu, “Non-markovian character in human mobility: Online and offline”, Chaos 25, 063106 (2015); 3. X. Z. Zhu, H. Tian, S. M. Cai*, T. Zhou, “Predicting missing links via significant paths”, EPL 106 (1), 18008 (2014); 4. B. Wang, Z. Zhuo, S. M. Cai*, and Z. Q. Fu, “Effects of community structure on  navigation”, Physica A 392, 1902 (2013).; 5. Z. D. Zhao, S. M. Cai*, J. M. Huang, Y. Fu, and T. Zhou, “Scaling behavior of online human activity”, EPL 100, 48004 (2012).