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Le Dong

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name : Le Dong Sex: female phone:  
email: office-address: 2006 Xiyuan Avenue , Gaoxin West Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Computer Science and Technology
research interst: Digital Media Technology, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Robot, Cloud Computing
Biography: Le Dong received the Ph.D. degree from Queen Mary University of London, London, U.K. She is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. She has cochaired/costeered a number of conferences and workshops and has published more than 30 technical papers in relevant research fields. Her research areas include multimedia and computer vision, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence, particularly including biologically inspired framework. Prof. Dong is a Member of ACM.
Education experience: Ph.D. Degree: Queen Mary University of London, UK                                                                                         Date: Feb. 2009 (Sep. 2004 – Feb. 2009)                                                                                  
Thesis: A Biologically Inspired Framework for Classification of Visual Information
M.Sc. Degree (July 2004): Xidian University                                                                                                              Date: July 2004 (Sep. 2001 – July 2004)
Thesis: Framework of MIMO-OFDM System and Its Enhanced Channel Estimation Algorithm
B.Sc. Degree (July 2004): Xidian University                                                                                                           Date: July 2001 (Sep. 1997 – July 2001)
Thesis: Design and Realization of Multi-Channel Transformation System
Selected Publications: [1] L.dong, J.Su and E,Izquierdo,"Scene-Oriented Hierarchical Classification of Blurry and Noisy Images,"IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol.21, no.5, 2012.                                                                                                                                                                       [1] L.Dong and E.Izquierdo,“A Biologically Inspired System for Classification of Natural Images,”IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology,vol.17,no.5,2007,pp.590-603.
[2] G.Wang,C.Li and L.Dong,“Noise Estimation Using Mean Square Cross Prediction Error for Speech Enhancement,”IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I,vol.57,no.7,2010,pp.1489-1499.
[3] S.S.Ge,G.Wang,L.Dong,B.Ren,and R.Cui,“Intelligent autonomous information acquisition and scene understanding over large space,”In Proc.of 3rd Global Conference on Control and Optimization,invited talk,Feb.2010,Australia,7 pages. 
[4] L.Dong and E.Izquierdo,“A knowledge synthesizing approach for classification of visual information,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol. 4781, 2007, pp. 17–25. 
[5] L.Dong,S.W.Ban,I.Lee and M.Lee,“Incremental Knowledge Representation Model Based on Visual Selective Attention,”Neural Information Processing–Letters and Reviews,vol.10,no.4-6,2006, pp. 115-124.
[6] L.Dong,S.W.Ban,and M.Lee,“Biologically Inspired Selective Attention Model Using Human Interest,” International Journal of Information Technology,vol.12,no.2,2006,pp.140-148.
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[11] L.Dong and E.Izquierdo,“Scene classification of ambiguous visual information,”In Proc.of 5th IET Visual Information Engineering Conference. Jul. 2008, Xi’an, China, 6 pages, published.
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[13] L.Dong and E.Izquierdo,“Global-to-local oriented rapid scene perception,”In Proc.9th International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services. May 2008, Klagenfurt, Austria, 4 pages, published.

Books: [1] L. Dong, E. Izquierdo, and S.S. Ge, “Bio-inspired Scheme for Classification of Visual Information,” in Computer Vision for Multimedia Applications: Methods and Solutions, J. Wang, J. Cheng, and S. Jiang (ed.), IGI Press, 2010, 32 pages.