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CS:Bo Fu

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name : Bo Fu Sex: male phone: ***********
email: office-address: Main Building B1-302, QingShui Campus
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor Yes
major: Computer Science and Technology
research interst: Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Biometrics, Cryptography, Image Processing and Analysis
Biography: Dr. Fu received his Ph.D. degree from the University Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2009. He joined the Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS) Lab, University of Guelph, Canada, during 2007-2008 as a visiting scholar. He has published more than twenty papers and translated or edited 2 books as a partaker. In 2009, He joined UESTC as a teacher of the School of Computer Science & Engineering. 
Education experience: Study Abroad: ARIS Lab, Univ. of Guelph, (as a government-sponsored, joint PHD)
Research Topic: Fuzzy biometric cryptosystem
Date: Oct. 2007 – Oct. 2008
Ph. D. Degree: School of Computer Science & Engineering, UESTC
Research Topic: Study of fuzzy biometric encryption and some related issues
Date: Dec. 2009 (Mar. 2005 – Dec. 2009)
M. Sc. Degree: School of Computer Science & Engineering, UESTC
Thesis: Memory management of embedding Java virtual machine
Date: Mar. 2005 (Sep. 2002 – Mar. 2005)
B.Sc. Degree: Department of Information Management, Shandong Institute of Business and Technology
Thesis: A design and plan of an enterprise network system
Date: July 1999 (Sep. 1995 – July 1999)
Selected Publications: [1] C. Li, J. Li, D. Gao, B. Fu. Rapid-transform Based Rotation Invariant Descriptor for Texture Classification under Non-ideal Conditions. International Journal of Pattern Recognition, vol. 47(1):313-325, Jan. 2014.
[2] C. Li, J. Li, B. Fu. Magnitude-phase of quaternion wavelet transform for texture representation using multilevel Copula. IEEE Trans. Signal Processing Letters, vol. 20(8):799-802, 2013.
[3] J.,Chen, Y. Huang, B. Fu, J. Li. Secret sharing schemes from a class of linear codes over finite chain ring. Journal of Computational Information Systems, vol. 9(7):2777-2784, April 1, 2013.
[4] C. LI, B. Fu, J. Li, and Xingchun Yang. Texture-based fingerprint recognition combining directional filter banks and wavelet. Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, vol. 26, no. 4:1-20, 2012.
[5] B. Fu, J. Li. Efficient fuzzy vault based on pairing and its application to fingerprint encryption. Chinese Journal of Electronics, Vol. 19(2):249-255, 2010.
[6] B. Fu, S. X. Yang, J. Li, D. Hu. Multi-biometric cryptosystem: model structure and performance analysis. IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security, Vol. 4(4):867-882, Dec. 2009.
[7] H.i Lin, J. Lin, B. Fu. Information Hiding and extracting in printed Chinese documents by missing feature Method. International Conference on Software Engineering and Information System (SEIS'2013) , vol. 765-768:1524-1528, 2013
[8] B. Fu, J. Lin, G. Duan. Analysis of multi-biometric encryption at feature-level fusion. 2012 10th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA), 6-8 July 2012:4563-4567
[9] B. Fu, Y. Cai. Iris detection and extraction based on intgro-differential operator, in IEEE International Conference ICACIA2010, 2010:266-270(EI: 20111013734815)
Books: [1] Jianping Li, Jie Lin, Bo Fu, Computing theory and technology of secure-biometrics, UESTC Press, 2011
[2] Yuehao Yan, Zhiwen Qi, Bo Fu, Xiaoling Wang, Web development based on .NET platform, Peking University Press, 2011