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CS:Jie Shen

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name : Jie Shen Sex: male phone: 13540600696
email: office-address: Main Building B1-307, QingShui Campus
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor Yes
major: Computer Science and Technology
research interst: l Mobile Multimedia Computing, Mobile Payment, Video Codec, Augmented Reality
Biography: Dr. Shen received his Ph.D. degree from Sichuan University in 2001, M.S. degree from Lanzhou University of Technology in 1996. He joined the Advanced Multimedia Lab, the University Electronic Science and Technology of China, during 2003-2005 as a Post Doctorate. He has published more than twenty papers. In 2005, He joined UESTC as a teacher.
Education experience: Study Abroad:  Advanced Multimedia Lab, UESTC, (as a government-sponsored, joint Post Doctorate)
Research Topic: Video communication System and some related issues
Date: Oct. 2003 – Oct. 2005
Ph. D. Degree: School of Hydropower Engineering, Sichuan University
Research Topic: Augmented reality technology in hydraulic and civil engineering
Date: Sep. 2001 (Sep. 1998 – Sep. 2001)
M. Sc. Degree: School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology
Thesis: Research on boundary element method
Date: Sep. 1993 (Sep. 1993 – Sep. 1996)
B.Sc. Degree: School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology
Date: Sep. 193 (Sep. 1989 – Sep. 1993)
Selected Publications: [1] Jie Shen, Xin-Chen Jiang. "A Proposed Architecture for Building NFC Tag Services", 2013 6th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design, October 2013.
[2] Pan Niu, Jie Shen. Research on the Model of Mobile Advertising Based on Near Field Comm-unication. 2013 International Conference on Future Computer and Information Technology (ICFCIT 2013) Tianjin, China, August 22-23, 2013.
[3] X.Liu, Z.G.Qin, J.Shen. A Mobile Web Middleware of NFC Context-Awareness Applications [J]. China Communications, Accepted
[4] Cai yingjue, Shen jie, “A Framework for the Service Model of NFC Stack”, Journal of Electronic Science and Technology. Vol.11(3), 2013, pp:249-257.
[5] Liu Xiang, Shen jie, “A  QoE-Aware Mobile Web Middleware for Multimedia Service”, The 5th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP 2012), Dec. 2012, pp:265-268.
[6] Liu Xiang, Shen Jie, “A Context-Aware Middleware for User Experience Improvement in Mobile Payment”, The International Conference on Multimedia Information Networking and Security (MINES 2012), Nov. 2012, pp:370-373.
[7] Sun helei, Jhen jie, “LBP Based Fast Face Recognition System on Symbian Platform”,2012 AASRI Conference on Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics (CIB 2012).
[8] Chen bin, shen jie, “A Fast Face Recognition System on Mobile Phone”, The 2012 International Conference on Systems and Informatics (ICSAI2012).
[9] shen jie,“Invariant-Based Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones”, Journal of Multimedia, Vol 5, No 6, 2010, 588-595, Dec. 2010.
[10] shen jie“Resolving Occlusion in Augmented Reality Based on Invariant for Two Views”, International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, April, 2010.
[11] Shen jie, “Security for Video Surveillance with Privacy”, International Conference on Internet Technology and Applications, Aug. 2010.
[12] Shen jie, “Privacy-protection in Real-time Video Communication”,2009 IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and System,pp217-220.
Books: [1] shen jie, “Handbook of Augmented Reality: ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING USING AUGMENTED REALITY”, Springer-Verlag, chapter 27, 2011,9.