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CS:Xiuqin Zhong

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name : Xiuqin Zhong Sex: famale phone: 13808076910
email: office-address: Main Building B1-101, QingShui Campus
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor Yes
major: Computer Science and Technology
research interst: Automated reasoning, Ontology, Cognitive Model
Biography: Dr. Xiuqin Zhong received her Ph.D. degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008. In 2008, she joined University Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) as a teacher.
Education experience:
Ph. D. Degree: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Topic: Research of knowledge representation and reasoning on ontology and its applications 
Date: July. 2008 (Sept. 2005 – July. 2008)
B.Sc. Degree: Department of Applied Mathematics, Xidian University
Date: July 2000 (Sept. 1996 – July 2000)
Selected Publications: [1] Xiuqin Zhong, Hongguang Fu, Li She, Bin Huang. Geometry Knowledge Acquisition and Representation on Ontology. Chinese Journal of Computers, Vol. 33(1):167-174, Jan. 2010
[2] Xiuqin Zhong, Hongguang Fu, Panping Ding. Geometry Theorem Proving on Ontology and Prolog. Journal of University of Elextronic Science and Technology of China, Vol 40(3):429-434, May 2011
[3] Xiuqin Zhong, Zhong Liu, Panping Ding. Construction of Knowledge Base on Hybrid Reasoning and Its Application. Chinese Journal of Computers, Vol. 35(4):761-766, Apr. 2012
[4]  Xiuqin Zhong, Hongguang Fu, Yan Jiang.Coupling Ontology with Rule-based Theorem Proving for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Database Theory and Application. 2010.12
Project: [1] A Cognitive Reasoning Model on Ontology and Its Application.(Grant No. 61202257). 2013.01-2015.12