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name : Dr. Tamas CSORDAS Sexual: male phone: 13982085517
email: office-address:  
major: Business Administration and Management
research interst Cross-Cultural Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Identity
Biography Dr. Tamas Csordas received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Miskolc Hungary in 2008, bachelor degree in 1991. He started his career as a sales manager with a state-owned rubber manufacturing company. He became a university teacher in 1991 (University of Miskolc). In 1991-1992 he taught Marketing. He did his MBA course in Bradford School of Management, UK, from 1993 to 1994. His major was Human Research Management. After his return to Hungary he taught this course. He did his PhD studies from 2004 to 2008. The topic of his research was Corporate Identity. He joined UESTC in 2012.
Teaching Schedule Autumn term 2012: Human Resource Management and Career Development (International postgraduate students); Spring term 2013: Cross-Cultural Management (Full-time MBA); Summer 2013: Business English (Webster MBA); Autumn term 2013: Human Resource Management and Career Development (International postgraduate students).
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS Articles published after year 2000: [1.] Towards understanding Chinese Culture for citizens of CEE countries Conference book of 11th East Chemnitz forum, 2013 
[2.] Chapter on “Competence”  “Sustainable development – managing natural and human resources” electronic teaching material, sponsored by a EU fund, 2010
[3.] “Career Management Teaching Material” Published by the University of Miskolc, sponsored by a EU fund, 2010
[4.] Human Resource Management Course Materials University of Miskolc Publication only 2009
[5.] “Several Aspects of Corporate Identity” Part 1 & Part 2 Personnel Management Review (Journal of the Hungarian Association of HRM), June  and August 2009
[6.] “The Basis of the Corporate Identity: Corporate Philosophy and Personality” Business Studies (Publication Series of the University of Miskolc), 2005
[7.] Chapter on “International Labour Markets” “EU Matrix Elements”
(distance education material) only 2003
Books [1.] Chapter on “Performance Management and Appraisal”  “Human Resource Management”
 textbook (ISBN: 978 963 295 064 8)  2012
[2.] Chapter on “Performance Appraisal”  “Human Resource Management”
 textbook 2004
[3.] Chapter on “Performance Appraisal”  “Human Resource Management”
 textbook 2000