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name : TANQ Qi Sexual: female phone: 13018262918
email: office-address: School of Economics and Management Building C575, QingShui Campus
major: International Business
research interst International Energy Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, WTO and Multilateral Trading System 
Biography Dr. Tang Qi received her Ph.D. degree from Wuhuan University in 2010, LLM degree in 2002. She was in the Law School, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, during 2003-2004 as a visiting scholar. She has published more than ten papers and edited 2 books as a partaker. In 2004, She joined UESTC as an associate professor. 
Teaching Schedule Study Abroad: Law School, Univ. of Sheffield, U.K (as a government-sponsored, visiting scholar)
Research Topic: State trading rules within WTO Regime and its impact on China
Date: July 2003 – July. 2004
Ph. D. Degree: School of Law, Wuhan University
Research Topic: Energy Trade Rules under the framework of WTO
Date: Dec. 2010 (Sept. 2005 – Jan. 2010)
LLM Degree: School of Law, Wuhan University
Thesis: State trading rules under the framework of WTO
Date: Mar. 2005 (Sep. 2002 – Mar. 2005)
B.A. Degree: School of Law, Wuhan University
Thesis: Regulation on Foreign Direct Investment into China
Date: July 1989 (Sep. 1985 – July 1989)
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS [1] “The Implications of Reshaping Energy Trade Discipline on China’s Energy Security”,Energy Procedia Volume   5, 2011, EI Index.
[2] “WTO’s role in Global Energy Governance”,IEEE “International Workshop on Economics”,2011,EI Index.