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MAN:Jiaming Fang

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name : Jiaming Fang Sexual: male phone: 13880670057
email: office-address: Management and Economics Building C-536, QingShui Campus
major: Information management and E-business
research interst Social Media and E-Service; Online Review Mining; Data  Mining; Online Community; Online Consumer Behaviour
Biography Dr. Jiaming Fang received his Ph.D. degree from the University Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2009. Now he is an associate professor of the MIS and E-business at UESTC. He has published several SCI/SSCI journals and serves as a reviewer of several prestigious international journals such as Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Behavior Research Methods, Computers in Human Behavior, Information & Management, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.
Teaching Schedule My teaching courses: Applied Research Data Analysis、Business Decision Making、Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys (include Applied Missing Data Analysis)、E-Business、Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling、Data mining and Information Management.
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS [1] J. Fang, C. Wen, and R. Pavur. Participation Willingness in Web Surveys: Exploring Effect of Sponsoring Corporation’s and Survey Provider’s Reputation. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 2012, 15(4):195-199(SSCI)
[2] J. Fang, C. Wen, and V. Prybutok. An assessment of equivalence between Internet and paper-based surveys: Evidence from collectivistic cultures. Quality & Quantity, 2013,DOI: 10.1007/s11135-012-9783-3(SSCI/SCI)
[3] J. Fang, C. Wen, and V. Prybutok. An Assessment of Equivalence between Paper and Social Media Surveys: The Role of Social Desirability and Satisficing. Computers in Human Behavior,2014,30(1):335-343(SSCI/EI)
[4] J. Fang, C. Wen, and V. Prybutok.Equivalence of Internet and Paper-Based Surveys in IT/IS Adoption Research in Collectivistic Cultures: The Impact of Satisficing.Behaviour & Information Technology, 2013,32(5):480-490(SSCI)
[5] J. Fang, P. Shao, G. Lan. Effects of innovativeness and trust on web survey participation. Computers in Human Behavior. 2009, 25(1): 144-152.(SSCI/EI)
[6] J. Fang, C. Wen. Predicting Potential Respondents’ Decision to Participate in Web Surveys. International Journal of Services Technology and Management,2012,18(1/2):16-32 (EI)
[7] Wen, Chao, Fang, Jiaming and Prybutok Victor, “The Effect of a Collaborative Supply Chain Strategy on Service Quality and Supply Chain Performance: A theoretical study”, Presentation and Refereed Research Paper in the Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute, Boston, November 19-22, 2011.(EI)
[8] J.Fang and C.Wen. Predicting Respondents'Decision to Participate in Web Surveys.Presentation and Refereed Research Paper in the Proceedings of The 10th Wuhan International Conference on E-Business ( WHICEB2011). Wuhan, May 28-29,2011.(Excellent Confernece Paper Award)
[9] Fang Jiaming, Shao Pei-ji. The effect of material incentives on web survey completion: Evidence from three meta-analyses. 17th annual conference proceedings of 2010 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering. Vol.1, pp.75-81(EI)