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name : HOU Lun Sexual: male phone: 13258258258
email: office-address: Main Building B3-111, QingShui Campus
major: Management Science and Engineering
research interst Information Management ,  E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management and Data Mining
Biography 1978-1982: Studied Application Mathematics in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
1982-1986: Joined the management school of UESTC as a teacher.
1987-1990: Majored Economic Mathematics in the University Karsruhe, Germany (as a government-sponsored program DAAD)
1991-present: Working as a vice Professor in the school of economics and management in UESTC. He has published more than ten papers and edited 2 books as a partaker. 
Teaching Schedule Giving lectures on Data Mining and Business Intelligence to MBA students
Giving lectures on Principles on Database to graduate students
Giving lectures on Internet Marketing to graduate students
Giving lectures on Electronic Commerce to post graduate students
Giving lectures to MBA and IMBA (International MBA) students on Electronic Commerce
Giving lectures to MBA students on Customer Relationship Management
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    [6] Analysis of Costs, Benefits and ROI of CRM Implementation,Proceeding of ICBE2004, Beijing, China,2004.12
    [7] Risk analysis of E-commerce in China,Proceeding of The 2nd Asian eBusiness Workshop, Seoul, Korea,2005.1
² [1]Customer Value Assessment System; Zhonghui Electronics Co., Ltd.
² [2]Construction of Customer Satisfaction Evaluation and Tracking System of Qiangxing company; Qiangxing Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan
² [3]Construction of Portal and MIS of Qiangxing Company; Qiangxing Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan
² [4]System Analysis and Construction of Information Management System and Portal of Ziniu Company; Sichuan Ziniu Branding Co., Ltd. 
Books [1] Chen Guangyu, Hou Lun etc. Project Management Information System. Publish House UESTC, Chengdu, China, March 2011, ISBN:978-7-5647-0785-9, 232 pages, prices: RMB 39.8
[2] Intellectural Ptoperty.  Edited Chapter 4, Science Publish House, 2012.2