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MAN:Ding Ya

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name : Ding Ya Sexual: Female phone: 18980523497
email: office-address: School of Management and Economics  Building C-511, Qing Shuihe Campus
major:  economics
research interst agricultural economics
Biography Dr. Ding Ya received her Ph.D. degree from the Kansas State University in 2005, M.S. degree from Renmin University of China in 1999. She joined the School of Management and Economics of UESTC in 2011. She was the postdoctoral economic analyst in National Drought Mitigation Center of University of Nebraska from 2006-2011. 
Teaching Schedule Study Abroad:the Kansas State University
Research Topic: agricultural economics
Graduation Date: 2005
Ph. D. Degree:  Kansas State University
Research Topic: agricultural economics
Graduation Date: 2005
B.Sc. Degree:Renmin University of China
Research Topic: International Economics
Graduation Date: 1999 
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS • Ding, Ya., Karina. Schoengold, and Tsegaye. Tadesse. “The Impact of Weather Extremes on Agricultural Production Methods: Does drought increase adoption of conservation tillage practices?” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 34(3) (December 2009): 395-411.
• Ding, Ya, Michael Hayes and Melissa Widhalm. “Measuring Economic Impact of Drought: A Review and Discussion.” Forthcoming, Disaster Prevention and Management.
• Ding, Ya and Kelly Helm Smith. “2007 Drought Economic Impacts”, Crop Insurance Today, Publication of National Crop Insurance Services, Vol. 41, No. 1 February 2008, 7-9.
• Ding, Ya and Jeffrey Peterson. “The Choice of Irrigation Technologies and Groundwater Conservation: Impacts of Cost-share Programs in the Kansas High Plains.” Abstract, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 31(3) (December 2006): 693.
• Peterson, Jeffrey and Ya Ding. “Economic Adjustments to Groundwater Depletion in the High Plains: Do Water-Saving Irrigation Systems Save Water?” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87(1) (February 2005): 147-159.