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MAN:Yin Yuming

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name : Yin Yuming Gender: Female phone: 18980086036
email: office-address: B524, School of Management and Economics Building, Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC 
major:  Finance
research interst ² International Finance
² Stock Market
² Macroeconomics
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), School of Finance, Chengdu, China
PhD,Management,July, 2006
Master, Management, July, 2003
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), School of International Business, Chengdu, China
Bachelor, Economics, July, 2000
Louisiana State University, the E. J. Ourso College of Business, Baton Rouge, USA
Visiting Scholar, 2013.01 - 2014.01
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai, China
Visiting Scholar, 2008.09 - 2009.02
Teaching Entreprenurial thought and action,Babson College
2013.03, Boston, USA
Teaching Schedule  ²Macroeconomics(Undergraduate, MBA)
² Venture Capital(Undergraduate, MBA)
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ² LU Jing,Alatengsudao,YIN Yuming. The Impact of Banks' Activity and Funding Strategies on Risk and Returns. China Soft Science, 2013(9):23-36.
² Yin Yuming, Li Yao, Zhou Wenqiang. Foreign Exchange Reserve and Financial Crisis: a Literature Review, Economic Research Guide, 2013,198(16):169-170.
² LU Jing,Alatengsudao,YIN Yuming. Factors to Affect the Profitability of Chinese Commercial Banks—An Empirical Analysis Based on the Data during 1997~2010, Finance Forum, 2013(1):3-14.
² Yin Yuming, Zhou Wenqiang, He Ming, Econometric Analysis of Effectiveness about Technology Trading Rules in Chinese Stock Market: Based on Long-term Rectangular Shapes, Modern finance, 2011.257(6):81-86.
² XIE Lin, TANG Songlian, YIN Yuming. Insider Trading, Stock Price Manipulation and Block Holders' Entrenchment - Based on the Placements in the Fully Circulating Era. Science and Technology Management Research, 2011(3):240-246.
² CHEN Xue, YIN Yuming. Predicament of China’s Exchange Rate Regime after Real Estate Craze. Journal of Southwest Petroleum University (Social Sciences Edition) .2009,2(6):58-61.
² Yin Yuming, Xu Yanfei. Hot Money’ Influence on the Independence of Monetary Policy. Southwest Finance. 2009, 337(8):21-24.
² Yin Yuming, NI Keqin, LI Yaping. An Empirical Study of Influence of International Hot Money on China’s Economy. CONTEMPORARY FINANCE and ECONOMICS. 2009,294(5):13-18.
² Yin Yuming, LI Yaping. The Influence of Hot Money Volatility on China’s Economy. Commercial Times. 2009. (17):33-34, 2009.05.