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LS:Huafu Chen

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name : Huafu Chen Gender: male phone: 86-28-13808003171
email: office-address: Main Building 309, Sahe Campus
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor Yes
major: Brain Mapping and Pattern recognition;  
research interst: Brain Mapping and Pattern recognition;  Magnetic Resonance imaging, Application in  cognitive science, Neurological and mental disease  includes: Epilepsia, depressive disorder,schizophrenia,autism spectrum disorders
Biography: Dr. Huafu Chen received his Ph.D. degree from the University Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2004.  Outstanding youth project of National science found 2011; Yangtze river scholars Distinguished Professor 2014. He has published  120 SCI index papers. His publised papers have been indexed over 3000 times by  google academic paper
Teaching Schedule: Numerical analysisi; Brain  mapping principle ; Neural Network
Selected Publications: 1. Yi-Feng Wang ,Feng Liu,Xujun Duan,Qian Cui ,Zhi-Liang Long ,Jin-Hong Yan,Huafu Chen,Using Steady-State BOLD Responses to Uncover Non-linear Brain Activities, scientific Report, 2015, in press
2. Feng Liu, Wenbin Guo, Yifeng Wang, Ling Zeng, Jurong Ding, Changjian Qiu, Qiyong Gong, Wei Zhang, Huafu Chen*. Multivariate classification of whole brain functional connectivity in social anxiety disorder,Brain structure and function , 2015, in press
3. Luqing Wei, Xujun Duan, Chunyan Zheng, Shanshan Wang, Qing Gao, Zhiqiang Zhang, Guangming Lu and Huafu Chen*. Specific frequency bands of amplitude low-frequency oscillation encodes personality. Human Brain mapping, 2014;35(1):331-9
4. Xujun Duan, Sheng He, Wei Liao, Dongmei Liang, Lihua Qiu, Luqing Wei, Yuan Li, Chengyi Liu, and Qiyong Gong*,Huafu Chen*. Reduced caudate volume and enhanced striatal-DMN integration in Chinese chess grandmasters. NeuroImage, 2012,60:1280-1286
5. Wei Liao, Jurong Ding, Daniele Marinazzo, Qiang Xu, Zhengge Wang, Cuiping Yuan, Zhiqiang Zhang, Guangming Lu, Huafu Chen*. Small-world Directed Networks in the Human Brain: Multivariate Granger Causality Analysis of Resting State fMRI. NeuroImage, 2011, 54: 2683–2694
6. Qing Gao, Xujun Duan, Huafu Chen*. Evaluation of effective connectivity of motor areas during motor imagery and execution using conditional Granger causality. NeuroImage, 2011, 54: 1280–1288
7. Jiang Zhang, Jianhuai Qi, Wei Liao, Huafu Chen*. Analysis of fMRI Data Using an Integrated Principal Components Analysis and Supervised Affinity Propagation Clustering Approach. IEEE Trans BME, 2011,58(11): 3184 - 3196
8. Guo-Rong Wu, Fuyong Chen, Dezhi Kang, Xiangyang Zhang, Daniele Marinazzo∗, and Huafu Chen. Multiscale Causal Connectivity Analysis by Canonical Correlation: Theory and Application to Epileptic. IEEE Trans BME, 2011,58(11): 3088 – 3096
9. Xujun Duan, Qian Dai, Qiyong Gong, Huafu Chen*. Neural mechanism of unconscious perception of surprised facial expression. NeuroImage, 2010, 52: 401–407
10. Wei Liao, Huafu Chen*, Dante Mantinic, Claudio Gentili, Zhengyong Pan, Jurong Ding, Xujun Duan,sui lu, Changjian Qiug, Qiyong Gong*, Wei Zhang,Selective Aberrant Functional Connectivity of Resting State Networks in Social Anxiety Disorder. NeuroImage, 2010, 52: 1549–1558