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name : FENG Juan Gender: female phone: 028-83202595
email: office-address: Main Building middle 354 , Shahe Campus
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor Yes
major: Biological Technology
research interst: Photobiological physics, Protein engineering
Biography: Dr. FENG received his Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (UESTC) in 2000. She joined the Protein engineering Lab, UESTC in 2004. Shee has published more than twenty papers. 
Teaching Schedule: Inorganic and Analytical Chemisty (Spring)
Biophysics (Fall)
Free radical biology (Spring)
Selected Publications: 1.Juan Feng, Ting Han, Miqing Zhang, et al. Application of 2D fluorescence correlation method to investigate the dilution-induced heterogeneous distribution of the bound FMN in azoreductase. Chinese Chemical Letter., 2015, in press
2. Bai YN, Feng J*, Ma HJ, Lin JY, Han SB, Tang LX. Role of the CPC sequence in the antioxidant activity of GcGAST protein in E.coli. Protein J. 2013, 32(1):48-57 (Correspondence Author)
3. Feng Juan*, Feng Dan-dan, BAI Ying-nan, LIN Jun-yue, LI Jia-wei, REN Zheng-long. Application of polarization fluorescence on the study of the effects of oxidative stress on wheat chloroplast. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2012, 32(2): 425-429
4. Teng Zhang, Juan Feng*, Yang Li, Rui Chen, et al. Effects of redox state of disulfide bonds on the intrinsic fluorescence and denaturation of Trx-fused Gibberellin-induced cysteine-rich protein from Gymnadnia conopsea. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2010, 30(2): 395-400 ( Correspondence Author)
5. Liu Yan, Feng Juan*,Tao Dong-liang, Weng Shi-fu, Ren Zheng-long. Study on the Effect of C-terminal acidic Protein on the Prokaryotic Expression of a-thionin by FTIR microspectroscopy. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2009, 29(12): 3267-3270 (, Correspondence Author)
6. Juan Feng, XueFeng Li and Yan Liu. Effects of pH on the peripheral light-harvesting antenna complex for Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Science in China Series C: Life Sciences, 2008, 51(8):760-766
7. Juan Feng, Xue-feng Li,Yuan Liu. Selective distribution and physiological function of heterogeneous Carotenoids in purple photosynthetic bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Spectroscopy and spectral analysis, 2008, 28(7):1459-1463 (SCI)
8. Feng Juan, Li Xuefeng, Liu Yuan. Temperature-induced dissociation reaction and dynamics of light-harvesting complex II isolated from purple photosynthetic bacterium Rps. palustris. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2007,52 (8): 1029-1035
9.Feng Juan, Wang Qian, Zhang Xujia, Huang Youguo, Ai Xicheng, Zhang Xingkang, Zhang Jianping, Triplet Excitation Transfer between Carotenoids in the LH2 Complex from Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Photosynthetic Research, 2004, 82(1): 83 ~ 94
10.Feng Juan, Wang Qian, Zhang Xujia, Huang Youguo, Ai Xicheng, Zhang Xingkang, Zhang Jianping, Spetroscopic evidence for triplet excitation energy transfer among carotenoids in the LH2 complex from photosynthetic bacterium  Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Science in China Series B, 2004, 47(1): 80 ~ 90