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PE: Shuqiang Chen

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name : Shuqiang Chen Gender: male phone:  86-15928858078
email: office-address: 218#,  Yifu Building, UESTC, No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road, Chengdu, China
major: optics, Elelctromagnetic field and microwave technology
research interst  Optical fiber communication, optical metrology for microelectronic system
Biography Received Ph.D. degree in Electromagnetic field and Microwave Engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, China, in 1992. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow, Associate Prof., Prof and the Director of optical communication center, Beijing Univ of Post & Telecommunication from Feb. 1993 to Nov. 2000. After that he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at SpectraSwitch Inc, and N & K Technologies Inc. in California, US, until the autumn of 2008. He is then join UESTC as a Professor. He is the author of more than 70 research papers, the inventor of 7 US and 2 Chinese patents. His current research interests include optical measurement/analysis technology for microelectronic wafer, and the optical communication as well. He is fluently in English and easy to communicate for the students who speak English. 
Teaching Schedule 2010-present, “Optical measurement and Analysis for microelectroic structure” ,  2015-present, "Advanced optical communication technologies--part of series lecture". both for graduate students
1. Shu-qiang Chen, Yu-xin He, Pei-da Ye, Optimum design of an optical waveguide modulator in a fin line. Microwave and optical technology letters, Vol.8, No.4, Mar. 1995, 216-218.
2. Chen Shuqiang, Yu Jianjun, All optical wavelength conversion of 2.5Gbit/s NRZ pulse based on the cross gain modulation of SOA, Chinese Journal of Lasers, Vol.27A, No.7, July 2000, 660-664.
3. Shu-qiang Chen, Xiao-yun Xu, Yuan-an Liu, Analysis and design of LiNbO3 electrooptic modulator with non-ideal ridge waveguide, Chinese Journal of Electronics, vol.9, no.3, July, 2000, 323-327.
4. Chi Nan, Chen Shuqiang, Lin Xu, Qiang Qi, Yoajun Qiao, Yuan Zheng, A New Scheme of Cross-Gain Modulation Wavelength Converter with Good Performance on Extinction Ratio, Optics Communications, vol.189/4-6, Mar, 2001, 235-239.
5. Alexander Gray, John C. Lam, and Stanley Chen, Novel technique for critical dimension measurements of phase-shift masks using broadband transmittance spectra in conjunction with RCWA, Proc. SPIE 6349, 634949 (2006).
6. Alexander Gray, John C. Lam, and Stanley Chen, Innovative application of the RCWA method for the ultra-sensitive transmittance-based CD measurements on phase-shift masks Proc. SPIE 6533, 65330F (2007).
7. Shuqiang Chen, Hao Deng, Efficient simulation of the reflectance/transmittance for diffracting structures with small incident angle in the incident plane parallel to grating lines, Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Vol.124, Issue.7, pp.3072-3078, Sept. 2013
8. Hao Deng, Shuqiang Chen, efficient implementation of Fourier modal slice absorption method for llamellar crossed gratings, Optical Engineering, Vol.52, No.6, June, 2013
Selected US patents
1. Shuqiang Chen and Guanguang Li, “System and method for efficient characterization of diffracting structures with incident plane parallel to grating lines”, US Patent 7,391,524, June, 2008.
3. Shuqiang Chen, Guoguang Li, “Efficient Characterization of Symmetrically Illuminated Symmetric 2-D Gratings”,  US Patent 7,525,672, Mar, 2009
3. Shuqiang Chen, Guoguang Li, “Efficient Calculation of Grating Matrix Elements for 2-D Diffraction”,  US Patent 7,505,147