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CIE: LIU Qiang

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name : Liu Qiang Sex: male phone: 61830519
email: office-address: Researching Building Romm B-122b
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: 081000信息与通信工程
Information and Communication Engineering
research interst: 01通信网络理论与技术(Communication Networks Theory and Technology)
03无线与移动通信(Wireless and Mobile Communication)
Biography: He has worked with School of Communication & Information Engineering, UESTC, China, and is a associate professor now. His research focuses on Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, broadband wireless networks and Moleculor Communication. He was responsible for and was the major researcher in some projects which include National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National S&T Major Project of China, National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China, National Science and technology support program etc..
He is a member of IEEE and IEEE Comm. Society. He is also the reviewer of IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience、Int. J. Commun. Syst.、China Communication etc..
Education experience: 1992.9-1996.7 University of Electronic Science and Techenology of China, Undergraduate student
1998.9-2000.7 University of Electronic Science and Techenology of China, Master student
2012.9-2016.7 University of Electronic Science and Techenology of China, Ph.D. student
2012.12-2013.12 University of Essex, U.K., Academic visitor
Selected Publications: [1] Liu Qiang, Huang Xiaohong, LengSupeng, Li Longjiang, Mao Yuming. Deployment Strategy of Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things. China Communications, 2011, 8(8):111-120.
[2] Liu Qiang, LengSupeng, Mao Yuming, Zhang Yan. Optimal Gateway Placement in the Smart Grid Machine-to-Machine Networks. 2011 IEEE GLOBECOM Workshops(GC Wkshps), Houston, TX, USA, 5-9 Dec. 2011:1173-1177.
[3] Qiang Liu, Yuming Mao, SupengLeng, Longjiang Li. An Optimal Deployment of Multiple Sink Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks. 2011 4thInternational Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (IEEE ICCSIT), June 10-12 2011, pp.160-164.
[4] Qiang Liu, Kun Yang and Peng He. Channel capacity analysis for molecular communication with continuous molecule emission. International Conference on Wireless Communications & Signal Processing (WCSP), Oct. 24-26, 2013, Hangzhou, China.
[5] Qiang Liu, Kun Yang. Multiple-access Channel Capacity of Diffusion and Ligand-based Molecular Communication. Proceedings of the 16th ACM international conference on Modeling, analysis & simulation of wireless and mobile systems (MSWiM2013), November 3-8 2013, Barcelona, Spain. Pages 151-157.
[6] Qiang Liu, Peng He, Kun Yang, Supeng Leng. Inter-symbol Interference Analysis of Synaptic Channel in Molecular Communications. 2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2014), pp: 4424-4429.
[7] Qiang Liu, Kun Yang. Channel capacity analysis of a diffusion-based molecular communication system with ligand receptors. International Journal of Communication Systems (IJCS). 2015, 28:1508-1520.
[8] Qiang Liu, Hongjiang Lv, Ning Yang. Reliability Enhanced RPL for Wireless Sensor Networks. 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Systems Research and Mechatronics Engineering (ISRME 2015), April 11-13, 2015, pp:1431-1434.
[9] Peng He, Yuming Mao, Qiang Liu, Kun Yang. Adaptive Threshold Variation Algorithm for Diffusion-based Molecular Communication. 2nd ACM International Conference on Nanoscale Computing and Communication 2015 (ACM NANOCOM 2015).