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name : Zhang Jing Sex: Female phone: 86-13880636737
email: office-address: Room 221A, Scientific Research Building B
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: 081000信息与通信工程
Information and Communication Engineering
research interst: 04光纤传感与通信(Optical Fiber Sensing and Communication)
Biography: Jing ZHANG was born in Shanxi, China, in 1983. She received her B.S. and M.S degree in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2004 and 2007.  She received her Ph.D. degree in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2013. She is currently working at the School of Communication and Information Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. She has published more than 30 authored or coauthored SCI-indexed research papers. Her current research works focus on the optical high speedaa and long-haul transmission, short-reach optical inter-connenction, single carrier modualtion,orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), and digital equaliztion.
She is a member of the IEEE photonic society and a member of the Optical Society of America (OSA). She also serves as a reviewer for several journals, including Optics Express,Optics letter, IEEE Photonics Journal, etc.
Education experience: Mar. 2015 – Mar. 2016   University of Singapore, Visiting Scholar
Sep. 2007 – Mar.2013   University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Doctor
Sep. 2004 – Jun.2007    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Master
Sep. 2000 – Jun.2004    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Bachelor
Selected Publications: [1] Jing Zhang*, Heming Yang, Difu Zhao, Kun Qiu, "Proposal of DCS-OFDM-PON upstream transmission with intensity modulator and collective self-coherent detection",Opt. Fiber Tech.,vol.30, 12-16, 2016
[2] Jing Zhang*, Qikai Hu, Changyuan Yu, Xingwen Yi, and Kun Qiu, "Elastic-bandwidth Access with Spectrum-Sliced Incoherent Light Source in WDM-PON", OECC 2016.
[3] Xinwei Du, Jing Zhang, Yan Li, Changyuan Yu, and Pooi-Yuen Kam, "Efficient joint timing and frequency synchronization algorithm for coherent optical OFDM systems," Opt. Express 24, 19969-19977,2016
[4] T. ye, J. Zhang*, X. Yi, C. Yu, and K. Qin, "DMT Modulation with Adaptive Bit-loading and Volterra Filter in an EML-Based IM-DD System," in Advanced Photonics 2016 (IPR, NOMA, Sensors, Networks, SPPCom, SOF), OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2016), paper SpM4E.2.
[5] Jing Zhang*, Xuemei Chen, Mingliang Deng,  Dengke Zeng, Heming Yang, and Qiu, Kun,"Proposal of ICI cancellation using opposite weightings on symmetric subcarrier pairs in CO-OFDM systems",Opt. Fiber Tech.,vol.24, 34-37, 2015.
[6] Jing Zhang*,Xingwen Yi,Dengke Zeng,Xuemei Chen,Chao Li,Ming Luo,Qi Yang,and Kun Qiu,"Comparison of ICI Reduction and Fiber Nonlinearity Tolerance for DCS-OFDM and Conventional OFDM With Equal Spectrum Efficiency,"IEEE Photonics Journal vol.7,no.1,February 2015.
[7] Chen Xue-Mei, Zhang Jing*, Yi Xing-Wen, Zeng Deng-Ke, Yang He-Ming, Qiu Kun,"Fiber nonlinearity tolerance research of coherent optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexed system based on digital coherent superposition," Acta Physica Sinica 2015, Vol. 64 Issue (14): 0144203