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name : Chen,Yuanfu Sex: Male phone: 86-28-83202710
email: office-address: Shahe Campus of UESTC, No.4, Section 2, North Jianshe Road, 610054
PH.D  Supervisor: YES Master Supervisor: YES
major: Materials Science and Engineering
research interst: Synthesis of two-dimensional materials (e.g. graphene, MX2) and their composite materials as energy storage materials for lithium-ion batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries; Synthesis of multifuctional materials (e.g. MOFs, MoxC) as electrochemical and electrocatalytic materials.
Biography: Yuanfu Chen got his PhD. Degree (Materials Science) in Sichuan University, China in 2001.6. During 2001.7-2003.6, he moved to Institue of Physics, CAS and National Tsinghua University, Taiwan, to persue his postdoc research. During March, 2005 to May, 2007, as a visiting scientist, he worked at University of Leipzig, Germany, and IFW Dresden, Germany. Since May, 2008.5, he is a Prof. in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). His main reserch field is about the synthesis and properties of 2D materials and other multifunctional materials.
Education experience: 1998.9-2001.6,PhD. Degree (Materials Science) in Sichuan University, China; 
Selected Publications: 1. Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Reduced Graphene Oxide/Tellurium Nanowires: A High-Performance Freestanding Cathode for Li-Te Batteries. By: He, Jiarui; Chen, Yuanfu; Lv, Weiqiang; et al. ACS NANO   Volume: 10   Issue: 9   Pages: 8837-8842   Published: SEP 2016
2. Vertically oriented few-layered HfS2 nanosheets: growth mechanism and optical properties. By: Zheng, Binjie; Chen, Yuanfu*; Wang, Zegao; et al. 2D MATERIALS   Volume: 3   Issue: 3     Article Number: 035024   Published: SEP 2016
3. Three-dimensional CNT/graphene-sulfur hybrid sponges with high sulfur loading as superior-capacity cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries. By: He, Jiarui; Chen, Yuanfu*; Li, Pingjian; et al. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A   Volume: 3   Issue: 36   Pages: 18605-18610   Published: 2015.
4. Highly-flexible 3D Li2S/graphene cathode for high-performance lithium sulfur batteries. By: He, Jiarui; Chen, Yuanfu*; Lv, Weiqiang; et al. JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES   Volume: 327   Pages: 474-480   Published: SEP 30 2016
5. Pure thiophene-sulfur doped reduced graphene oxide: synthesis, structure, and electrical properties
By: Wang, Zegao; Li, Pingjian; Chen, Yuanfu; et al. NANOSCALE   Volume: 6   Issue: 13   Pages: 7281-7287   Published: 2014.  
6. Flexible Graphene-Based Electroluminescent Devices, By: Wang, Ze-gao; Chen, Yuan-fu; Li, Ping-jian; et al. ACS NANO   Volume: 5   Issue: 9   Pages: 7149-7154   Published: SEP 2011
7. Towards flexible magnetoelectronics: Buffer-enhanced and mechanically tunable GMR of Co/Cu multilayers on plastic substrates. By: Chen, Yuan-fu; Mei, Yongfeng; Kaltofen, Rainer; et al.  ADVANCED MATERIALS   Volume: 20   Issue: 17   Pages: 3224-+   Published: SEP 3 2008