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OI:Guo Xiaowei

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name : Guo Xiaowei Sex: male phone: 15828588012
email:   office-address: Room 210, Yifu building 
PH.D  Supervisor:   Master Supervisor:
major: Optical engineering
research interst: Energy material and technology,  Optoelectronic device, Micro-and Nanofabication
Biography: 2007-2009  Unviersity of electronic science and technology of China, lecturer; 2010-2011 MIT visiting professor; 2011-2013 Seoul national university, Postdoc researcher;2013-present University of electronic science and technology of China, Associated professor
Education experience: B.S  in physics        Jinggangshan University, China                    1995.9-1998.7
M.S  in optics          Sichuan University, China                             2002.9-2004.7
Ph.D  in optics         Sichuan University, China                             2004.8-2007.6
Selected Publications: 1. Xiaowei Guo, Dashuai Wang, Xing Sheng,,Enhanced light absorption in thin film silicon solar cells with Fourier-series based periodic nanostructures,Optics Express,2016,24(2):A408-A413
2. Xiaowei Guo, Yong Zhou, Bang Liu, Yi Li, Cosine light-trapping nanostructures for thin film solar cells, Optics letters, 2015, 40(16):3866-3868
3. Jiang Liu, Cheng Gao, Lizhu Luo, Qinyan Ye, Xulin He, Liangqi Ouyang, Xiaowei Guo, Daming Zhuang, Cheng Liao, Jun Mei and Woonming Lau, Low-temperature, solution processed metal sulphide as an electron transport layer for efficient planar perovskite solar cells, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2015, 3: 11750-11755 (cited:3)
4. Cheng Gao, Jiang Liu, Cheng Liao, Qinyan Ye, Yongzheng Zhang, Xulin He, Xiaowei Guo, Jun Mei and Woonming Lau, Formation of organic–inorganic mixed halide perovskite films by thermal evaporation of PbCl2 and CH3NH3HE compounds, RSC Advance, 2015, 5:26175-26180 (cited:9)
5. Xiaowei Guo, Fe3O4 @Au nanoparticles enhanced surface plasmon resonance for ultrasensitive immunoassay, Sensors and Actuators B, 2014, 205:276–280 (cited:2)
Books: 1. Fano-resonance plasmonic biosensors(Chapter 9), Advances in Sensors: Reviews, Vol. 3: Sensors, Transducers, Signal Conditioning and Wireless Sensor, IFSA publishing S.L., 04/2016