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EE:tang xu

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name : tang xu Sex: male phone: 13618034834
email: office-address: A420
PH.D  Supervisor: No Master Supervisor: Yes
major: Information and Communication Engineering
research interst: Nonlinear filtering, Bayesian multi-target detection and tracking, and information fusion
Biography: His current research orientations include nonlinear filtering, Bayesian multi-target detection and tracking, and information fusion methods for multi-sensor. He has the opportunity to Co-supervise with Dr. T. Kirubarajan, who is the distinguished engineering professor at MacMaster University and the Canada Research Chair in Information Fusion.
Education experience: 2013.1-2014.1 Visiting professor at McMaster University
2011.6  Ph.D in Electronic engineering from the UESTC
2004.4   M.Sc. in Computer engineering from the UESTC
1998.6   B.Sc. in Mechatronics engineering from the UESTC
Selected Publications: [1]X. Tang; Q. Wu; R. Tharmarasa; T. Kirubarajan, Multipath ML-PMHT for low observable targets, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems,2018.2.7, 54(1): 502-510.
[2]. X. Tang,R. Tharmarasa,M. McDonald,T. Kirubarajan, Multiple Detection-Aided Low-Observable Track Initialization using ML-PDA, IEEE Transaction on Aerospace Electronic System, 2017, 53(2): 722-735.
[3]. X. Tang,X. Chen,M. McDonald,R. Mahler,R. Tharmarasa,T. Kirubarajan,A Multiple-Detection Probability Hypothesis Density Filter,IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing,2015,63(8):2007-2019。
[4]. X. Tang,J. Su,F. Zhao,J. Zhou,P. Wei,Particle filter track-before-detect implementation on GPU,EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking,2013,2013(1):1-9。
[5]. X. Tang,J. Huang,J. Zhou,P. Wei,A sigma point-based resampling algorithm in particle filter,International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing,2012,26(11):1013-1023。
[6]. X. Tang,P. Wei,Multi-target state extraction for the particle probability hypothesis density filter,Radar, Sonar & Navigation, IET,2011,5(8):877-883。