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EE:Bao Jingfu

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name : Bao Jingfu Sex: male phone: 028-6183-0365
email: office-address: Research Building Room B347#
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes Master Supervisor: Yes
major: RF Circuit and System
research interst: RF Circuit and System
Biography: microwave/millimeter-wave frequency synthesis,
RF power transmitters in the LTE communication systems,
RF microelectromechanical systems (MEMS),
RF IC designs
Education experience: BS,MS,and PhD 
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China ,1986,1989,and 1996 Respectively
Doctoral Dissertation: 26.5GHz-40GHz Frequency Synthesizer
Selected Publications: § 1.  A phase noise reduction method in microwave oscillator using a high‐Q transmission line loaded with active SIW resonator  Li, Zhipeng ; Liu, Yongzhi ; Bao Jingfu  Microwave and Optical Technology Letters  2016
§ 2.  A 1.7–2.7-GHz 4-bit Phase shifter based on packaged RF MEMS switches  Huang, Yulin ; Li, Xinyi ; Bao, Jingfu ; Deng, Di ; Wang, Yiling ; Du, Yijia  Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications  2016
§ 3.  Reducing anchor loss In thin-film aluminum nitride-on-diamond contour mode MEMS resonators with support tethers based on phononic crystal strip and reflector  Ha, Thi ; Bao, JingFu  Microsystem Technologies  2016
§ 4.  X-band low phase noise push–push oscillator utilizing High- Q differential transmission line loaded with multiple split-ring resonator  Li, Zhipeng ; Huang, Hongyun ; Bao, Jingfu  Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications  2016
§ 5.  Compact ultra-wideband bandpass filter with good selectivity  T. Zhang; F. Xiao; J. Bao; X. Tang  Electronics Letters  2016