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ME:Feng Yi

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name : Feng Yi Sexual: male phone:  
email: office-address: No. 543, Building of Management and Economics School, QingShui Campus
major: supply chain management
research interst logistics management, supply chain management, operations management in e-commerce
Biography Dr. Feng Yi received his Ph.D. degree from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 2006. In 2008, He joined UESTC. He tries to recruit one or two Ph.D students each year with backgrounds in mathematics, applied mathematics or physics and with interests in business management.
Teaching Schedule  
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS [1]. Chen S.X., Feng Y.(*), Kumar A., Lin B., An Algorithm for Single-Item Economic Lot-Sizing Problem with General Inventory Cost, Non-Decreasing Capacity, and Non-Increasing Setup and Production Cost, Operations Research Letters,36,2008,pp. 300-302.(*: corresponding author)
[2]. Feng Y.(*), Chen S.X., Kumar A., Lin B.,Solving single-product economic lot-sizing problem with non-increasing setup cost, constant capacity and convex inventory cost in O(NlogN) time, Computers & Operations Research,38, 2011, pp.717–722.
[3]. Shou Y.Y., Feng Y. (*), Zheng J.J., Wang G.F., Yeboah N.E., Power Source and Its Effect on Customer-Supplier Relationships: An Empirical Study in Yangtze River Delta, International Journal of Production Economics, 146, 2013, pp. 118-128.
[4].Mu, Y.P., Feng Y.(*), Integrating early sales with production decisions and its effect on budgetary constraint.Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 2013, vol. 30, No. 6.1350025(page 1-18).
[5]. Shou Y.Y, Chen Y, Feng Y. (*), The impact of intermediaries on innovation performance at small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta. 2013, Asian Journal of Technology Innovation,20(S2): 20-30.