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ME:Pengyu YAN

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name : Pengyu YAN Sexual: Male phone:  
email: office-address: C555, Building of Management and Economics School, QingShui Campus
major: Project Management, Operational Management and Scheduling
research interst Project Management, Operations Management in Transportation systems or in Production Systems
Biography Dr. Pengyu Yan is an associate professor in School of Management and Economics, UESTC. He received his Ph. D. degree in System Security and Optimization, University of Troyes Technology, France. His research outputs have been published in many international journals. He is currently working on several research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). 
Teaching Schedule [1] Project Management; [2] Computer Programming Language in C++
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS [1] Yan Pengyu, Wang Guanhua,Che Ada and Li Yaoyiran. An Efficient Discrete Differential Evolution Algorithm for Bi-objective Cyclic Hoist Re-entrance Scheduling Problem Computers & Operations Research, 76(2016): 155-166.
[2] Yan Pengyu, Che Ada, Cai Xiaoqiang and Tang Xiaowo. Two-phase branch and bound algorithm for robotic cells rescheduling considering limited disturbance. Computers & Operations Research, 2014, 50: 128-140.
[3] Yan Pengyu, Che Ada, Yang Naiding and Chu Chengbin. A tabu search algorithm with solution space partition and repairing procedure for cyclic robotic cell scheduling. International Journal of Production Research, 2012, 50 (22): 6403-6418.
[4] Zhou Zheng, Che Ada, Yan Pengyu. A Mixed Integer Programming Approach for Multi-cyclic Robotic Scheduling with Time Window Constraints. Applied Mathematical Modelling. 2012(36): 3621-3629.
[5] Yan Pengyu, Chu Chengbin, Yang Naiding, Che Ada. A branch and bound algorithm for optimal cyclic scheduling in a robotic cell with processing time windows. International Journal of Production Research, 2010, 48(21): 6461-6480.
[6] Che Ada, Yan Pengyu, Yang Naiding, Chu Chengbin. Optimal cyclic scheduling of a hoist and multi-type parts with fixed processing times. International Journal of Production Research, 2010, 48(5): 1225-1243.