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PA:Zhu Xiaoning

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name :  Zhu Xiaoning Sex: Male phone: 86-(0)28-61831706
email: office-address: Room 509 of Zonghe Building at University of Electronic  Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R. China, 611731
PH.D  Supervisor: Yes  Master Supervisor: Yes 
major: Public Management
research interst:
Public Organizations 
Public service 
Biography:     Xiaoning  Zhu is a professor and doctoral tutor, serving as the Chief Editor for the Journal of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Social Science). He is a specialist who enjoys the State Council Special Allowance, and he is also the executive director of Chinese Public Administration Journal, Chinese Administrative Management Institute and a senior consultant in various business and local governments. He has been honored as an Academic leader of Sichuan province. He also listed in National Ten Thousand Talents Program in 2016.In addition, he has been awarded numerous other honorable titles.
     His main researches include: public management, e-governance, urban management, human resource management, local governance and emergency management. Furthermore, he has chaired six research projects at national and ministry level financed by National Social Science Fund and Doctorial Fund of the Ministry of Education of China respectively. He has also chaired twenty-one provincial level research projects. He has published twenty monographs and also published two hundred and forty-eight papers, including one hundred and seventy papers in core journals in China. His lecturing courses, Management Psychology and Public Organizational Behavior, have been awarded Top-rating national courses in China whiles the video Management Psychology course has been awarded as on line Top-rating lecturing course in China. 
Education experience: 1978.1-1982.1:Xiaoning Zhu studied at Chengdu Telecommunication Engineering Institute with a bachelor's degree in law; from1982, he has engaged in ideological, political and public administration teaching at the University of Electronic Science and Technology. He has successively held the posts of department director, chief editor, propaganda minister and dean of the School of Politics and Public Administration.
Selected Publications:  Jiang Yundong,Liu Feng, Zhu Xiaoning.Observing Disciplines and Following Rules: the Development
of Lenin's Thought of Party Building by XI Jinping.2017.03(in Chinese)
 Zhu Xiaoning,Kang Jian,Liu Yu.A Research on Relationship among Local Government Organizational
Culture,Leadership Behavior and the Working Attitude of Civil Servants.2017.03(in Chinese)
 Zhu Xiaoning,Feng Hao.Countermeasures Research on Promoting the Competitiveness of the
Tourism Industry in Gansu Province.2017.10(in Chinese)
Zhu Xiaoning, Bai Xiuyin. Research on grid mechanism and efficiency of public service supply. Seeker.2016.01(in Chinese)
 Zhu Xiaoning, Hong Lihua.Research on the “Cloud” Governance Mode of  Urban Public Environment .2016.02(in Chinese)
 Zhu Xiaoning,Yang Liwei,Han Jiasheng.SysML Model Construction of Urban-village Public Security
Administration System.2016.08(in Chinese)
 Zhu Xiaoning, Zhao Shurong , Xu Weiye. Sustainable development and public management innovation----summaries of meetings in The Eleventh International Conference on Public Administration 2015 .2016.01(in Chinese)
 Xiaoning Zhu. "Chengdu city government public service" teaching case. The case of professional degree teaching in China 2015.1(in Chinese)
 Xiaoning Zhu. "Qingdao oil pipeline explosion event" teaching case. The case of Chinese professional degree teaching 2015.1(in Chinese)
 Xiaoning Zhu. Study on the supply mechanism of urban public environmental service "cloud". Journal of University of Electronic Science and technology of the University of Electronic Science and Technology (SOCIAL SCIENCE EDITION).2015.1(in Chinese)
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 Xiaoning Zhu. "What is socialism, how to build socialism" three mark of the thesis. Mao Zedong thought research.2015.6(in Chinese)
 Xiaoning Zhu. The innovation of work and reach on the role of the college counselor in minority areas.2014.12(in Chinese)
 Xiaoning Zhu, Weiwei. A study of college campus culture in the vision of multinational culture.2014.7(in Chinese)
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 Ma Luyan, Xiaoning Zhu, Discussing the Systemic Warrant for Social Equality in China. Economic Research Guide, 2012.10 (in Chinese)
Books:  “Public Organizational Behavior”, Higher Education Press,2016.01
 "Independent colleges and the supply of products - the game and the market choice of the various parties", the scientific publishing house, 2015
 “Proceedings of International Conference on Public Administration (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and2015) UESTC Press”, Editor in Chief
 “The Modern History of China”, UESTC Press, 2006(2)
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