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PA:Luo Ruoyu

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Name  Liming SUO Gender  Male Phone 86-028-61831213
E-mail Office-address Room 416 of Zhonghe Building, Qingshuihe Campus.                                                                               School of Public Administration, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).
Major Public  Management
Research interest Public Policy
Biography Professor Suo spent his college life at the School of Engineering of Ningbo University. He obtained both his master's degree and Ph.D. in Economics and Management from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2004 and 2007 respectively. He began his teaching career at the School of Political Science and Public Administration of UESTC soon after completing his Ph.D. In 2011 and 2012, Professor Suo was a visiting scholar at Florida State University in the United States of America.
Professor Suo has also been a backup candidate for the Academic and Technical Leaders of the Sichuan Province from 2011 to date; and a member of government at the county level branch of China Administrative Institute and Sichuan Science and Youth Federation.
As of  November 2017, Professor Suo had published more than 30 academic articles in many important academic journals and international conferences. He had also won the provincial award for scientific research 5 times by the same time period.
Teaching schedule 1.Environment Management (for undergraduates),
2.Public Economics (English-instructed),
3.Public Policy (for MPAs)
Selected publications Professor suo has been engaging in Interlocal Collaboration, Network Governance and Sustainability over the years. He has published more than 30 academic papers in many important academic journals including the Chinese Public Administration, Journal of Public Management and Social Science Research. Here are some of his works:

【1】HongtaoYi,LimingSuo,RuowenShen,Jiasheng Zhang,Anu Ramaswami,Richard C. Feiock .Regional Governance and Institutional Collective Action for Environmental Sustainability[J].Public Administration Review,no.2, June 2017
【2】Liming Suo. The Action and Structure of Environment Cooperation Governance in Interprovincial Urban Agglomeration--Based on the Comparative Study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Yangtze River Delta [J]. Sea of Learning. April 2017:60-67,CSSCI;
【3】Liming Suo. Motivation, Constrain and Transfer--the Cooperation Governance Network of Local Government of Urban Agglomeration [J]. Regional Governance Research. Feburary 2017:13-26.CSSCI
【4】Liming Suo, Luping Xu. Cooperative Governance of Urban Agglomeration in China--Based on Joint of Local Government[J]. Fudan Urban Governance Review. Janurary 2017:34-39.
【5】Liming Suo. Urban Agglomeration Governance Facing Intergovernmental Cooperation:Trend, Characteristic and Future Preference[J]. Economic Social Mechanism Compare. June 2016:13-16, CSSCI.
【6】Liming Suo. Techonological Innovation, Intergovernmental Agreement and the Cooperatin among Local Government-- Based on Case Study of Economical Zone In Chengdu Plain[J]. Shanghai Jiaotong University Journal. April 2016:61-71,CSSCI
【7】Bin Chen, Liming Suo, and Jie Ma. Network Approach to Interprovincial Agreements: A Study of Pan Pearl River Delta in China [J]. State and Local Government Review,, Oct 2015, pp.1-11.
【8】Liming Suo. Regional Cooperation Governance Transfer of Local Government: Dilemma and Approach[J]. Jinyang Journal. May 2014:115-126,CSSCI
【9】Liming Suo. Regional Governance Boundary and Cooperation Mechanism of Local Government[J].Social Science Research, April 2014:47-53,CSSCI
Books 【1】Leading Cadres Read Administrative Classics, Guangxi People's Publishing House, 2015.04 ISBN: 978-7-2190-9048-0
【2】Coordination and Cooperation--Regional Governance Innovation under the Environment and Resource Restriction, Sichuan People's Publishing House, 2014.05 ISBN: 978-7-5364-6842-9;
【3】Government Transformation--Motivation and Implementation Mechanism, Sichuan Science and Technology Publishing House, 2009.05. ISBN: 978-7-220-09228-2.