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PA:Wang Luhao

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Name Wang Luhao  Gender Male                Phone 18200379048
Email Office-address Room 513 of Zhonghe Building, Qingshuihe Campus.                                    School of Public Administration, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).
Major  Public Management
Research interest Public Management Innovation; Public Organizations
Biography 2016.07-Present, Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, UESTC                              
2014.08-2016.06, Assistant Professor, School of Political Science and Public Administration, UESTC
2010.09-2014.07, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Philosophy (STS)
2012.10-2013.3, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, University of Tokyo, Foreigner Researcher (Co-worked with: Prof. Kazuyuki Motohashi – Chairman of the MOT Society of Japan)
2008.09-2010.07, Masters in Philosophy (STS), Department of Philosophy, Nankai University
2004.09-2008.07, Bachelor in Law, Department of Law, China Agriculture University
Teaching schedule Public Management
Selected publications 1) WANG, Chadwick and Luhao WANG. “Unfolding Policies for Innovation Intermediaries in China: A Discourse Network Analysis”. Science and Public Policy, 2016. (SSCI, In press)
2) WANG Luhao. Institutional Logics of Intergovernmental Cooperation in Regional Innovation: A Discourse Analysis on Chengdu Plain Economic Zone. Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University(Social Science), 2016. (CSSCI, In Chinese, In press)
3) WANG Luhao. Consensus or Boundary concept: A Grounded Theory Analysis to “Incubator” in Academic Journals. Science of Science and Management of S&T, 2014, 4: 146-153. (CSSCI, In Chinese)
4) WANG Luhao, WANG Chengwei. The Evolution of Definition and Role Model for Incubators in China: A Grounded Theory Analysis to the “People’s Daily” Database. Studies in Science of Science, 2014, 4: 493-500. (CSSCI,Reprinted by Information Center for Social Science, RUC, In Chinese)
5) WANG Luhao, ZENG Guoping. An Investigation and Rethinking of an Abnormal Case for Functionalism in Incubation Studies. Journal of Dialects of Nature, 2014, 6: 78-85+127. (CSSCI, In Chinese)
6) WANG Luhao, WANG Chengwei, ZENG Guoping. Stratification mechanism in incubatees: Case from Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2013, 9: 44-50. (CSSCI, In Chinese)
7) WANG Luhao, LIU Li. Public Participation in Science and Technology Policy Making: An Analytical Framework from the Perspective of STS. Science and Technology Progress and Policy, 2011, 18: 90-94. (CSSCI, In Chinese)
8) WANG Chengwei, WANG Luhao. Mobilizing Legitimacy in Decoupling: A Grounded Theory Analysis to a University Incubator in Southern China. Chinese Journal of Sociology, 6. (CSSCI, CSA, EBSCO, In Chinese)
9) HE jijiang, WANG Luhao, ZENG Guoping. Commercial exploitation of technical capacity promotes technology commercialization: A Case from RITUS. Studies in Science of Science, 2013, 9: 1355-1363. (CSSCI, Reprinted by Information Center for Social Science, RUC, in Chinese)
10) WANG Yang, WANG Luhao. Internal Mechanism in the American Research Integrity Education Policy. Studies in Science of Science, 2010, 12: 1772-1776. (CSSCI, Cover Remarked Paper, In Chinese)
11) ZENG Guoping, WANG Luhao, YANG Junyong, Mahui. University-Industry Cooper+B64ation in Shenzhen: Historical Experience and Current Situation. Science and Management. 6: 3-13 (Cover Remarked Paper, In Chinese).
Selected  books